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Government Relations

2023 OHA Request Bills

Below are the legislative concepts (LCs) OHA has requested be considered in the 2023 legislative session. For each LC, the table includes a number, short title, the final text as prepared by Legislative Counsel, and an OHA Government Relations contact person (their phone and email is listed under "Government Relations Staff" below). 

These legislative concepts are subject to change or removal before they are submitted to the legislature for consideration.

  • You can get the explanatory documents about each legislative concept below in other languages, large print, braille or a format you prefer free of charge. Contact Matthew Green at or 503-983-8257 (voice/text). We accept all relay calls.
  • Puede obtener los documentos explicativos sobre cada concepto legislativo en otros idiomas, letra grande, braille o en el formato que prefiera de forma gratuita. Póngase en contacto con Cynthia Branger Muñoz por correo electronico en o por texto/voz en (971)372-0768. Aceptamos todas las llamadas de retransmisión.
LC #
Short Title
Final Text
Contact Person (phone
and email below)
LC 421
Removal of Term "Mental Hospital"
LC 421 Text
LC 421 Exp
Coline Benson
LC 424
Forensic Evaluators
LC 424 Text
LC 424 Exp
Coline Benson
LC 428
Public Health Housekeeping
LC 428 Text
LC 428 Exp
Cynthia Branger Muñoz
LC 432
Oregon State Police Social Security Clarification
LC 432 Text
LC 432 Exp
Coline Benson
LC 434
Pharmacist Flu Vaccination for All
LC 434 Text
LC 434 Exp
Cynthia Branger Muñoz
LC 435
Death with Dignity Fix
LC 435 Text
LC 435 Exp
Cynthia Branger Muñoz
LC 438
Dental Pilot Project Program
LC 438 Text
LC 438 Exp
Cynthia Branger Muñoz
LC 440
Confidentiality in REALD & SOGI Data
LC 440 Text
LC 440 Exp
Cynthia Branger Muñoz
LC 444
Newborn Bloodspot Screening Updates
LC 444 Text
LC 444 Exp
Cynthia Branger Muñoz
LC 450
Removing Barriers to Participation in Advisory Committees
LC 450 Text
LC 450 Exp
Matthew Green
LC 455
Flavored Tobacco and Synthetic Nicotine
LC 455 Text
LC 455 Exp
Cynthia Branger Muñoz
LC 456
Health Care Finance Placeholder
LC 456 Text
LC 456 Exp
Matthew Green
LC 468
Health Policy & Analytics Placeholder
LC 468 Text
LC 468 Exp
Philip Schmidt
LC 471
State Health Insurance Platform
LC 471 Text
LC 471 Exp
Philip Schmidt
LC 475
Medicaid Waiver Implementation
LC 475 Text
LC 475 Exp
Philip Schmidt
LC 481
Basic Health Program and Redeterminations
LC 481 Text
LC 481 Exp
Philip Schmidt
LC 488
Expand Access to Behavioral Health Patient Data
LC 488 Text
LC 488 Exp
Coline Benson
LC 490
Opioid Overdose Reversal Medication Distribution
LC 490 Text
LC 490 Exp
Coline Benson
LC 496
FMAP Tribal Savings and Reinvestment Program
LC 496 Text
LC 496 Exp
Philip Schmidt
LC 497
System of Care Advisory Council Placeholder
LC 497 Text
LC 497 Exp
Coline Benson
LC 498
Peer Support Committee
LC 498 Text
LC 498 Exp
Coline Benson
LC 499
Fee-For-Service Transformations
LC 499 Text
LC 499 Exp
Philip Schmidt
LC 502
Payer Parity in Behavioral Health Crisis Services
LC 502 Text
LC 502 Exp
Coline Benson
LC 520
Aid and Assist
LC 520 Text
LC 520 Exp
Coline Benson

2023 OHA Budget Requests

Below is a summary of Policy Option Packages (POPs) OHA has requested be added to the OHA budget in the 2023 legislative session. 

2023-25 OHA Agency Request Budget POPs FINAL_corrected 09.19.2022.pdf

The full Agency Request Budget, including POPs, submitted by OHA for the Governor's consideration is available here:

2023-25 OHA Agency Request Budget.pdf 

Prior Legislative End-of-Session Reports

Below are highlights of the 2022 session of the Oregon Legislature relating to bills and budget items expected to most significantly impact the health of Oregonians and the work of Oregon Health Authority. These bills and budget items are sorted by topic (though these topics are interrelated, and many items could be listed under more than one):

  • Increasing and Maintaining Access to Health Care
  • Transforming the Behavioral Health System
  • Strengthening Oregon's Health Care Workforce
  • Building Healthier Communities

pdf iconOHA End of Legislative Session Report 2022.pdf

Read the 2021 Legislative End of Session Report below:

pdf iconOHA 2021 Legislative End of Session Report.pdf (updated August 24, 2021)

Prior OHA Request Bills



Monthly Stakeholder Meetings

June 24, 2021
pdf iconPresentation
YouTube iconMeeting Recording
September 17, 2019

pdf iconPresentation
May 8, 2019
pdf iconPresentation
YouTube iconMeeting Recording
April 10, 2019 pdf iconPresentation
Meeting Recording
March 13, 2019 pdf iconPresentation
YouTube iconMeeting Recording
February 13, 2019 pdf iconPresentation
YouTube iconMeeting Recording

Government Relations Staff

Jeff Pic 2 (2).jpgJeff Scroggin (he/him) is the Interim Government Relations Director. Jeff has spent the last decade working in health policy for the State of Oregon. Before joining OHA’s Government Relations team, Jeff was lead staff to the Oregon Health Policy Board and Legislative Lead for OHA’s Health Policy & Analytics Division. Prior to joining the Oregon Health Authority, Jeff served as chief-of-staff to Sen. Dr. Alan Bates in the Oregon Legislature. He has experience managing campaigns and centering community voices in policy development. Jeff is a U.S. Army veteran and native Oregonian, and has an undergraduate degree in history and political science from the University of Oregon. 

Interim Government Relations Director

Email: Jeff Scroggin
Phone: 541-999-6983

Coline.jpg Coline Benson (she/her) joined the Government Relations team in July 2022, after working in OHA's COVID-19 Response and Recovery Unit. Previous to OHA, she worked three years in the Governor's Office. Coline has an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Portland State University and a Masters in Legal Studies from Willamette University College of Law. She is an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians. In her free time, Coline enjoys attending Tribal events, watching horror movies, and spending time with her rambunctious, sweet dogs Blu and Bo.  

Behavioral Health 

Email: Coline Benson
Phone: 971-393-3860

Cynthia.jpg Cynthia Branger Muñoz (she/her/ella) has focused her career and personal efforts on being culturally responsive and looking for equitable outcomes using data to inform decisions. She brings a background in education, having taught elementary students in math, reading, and Spanish, taught adult classes, and also led professional development for education staff using data and research based practices. She is a longtime community organizer and advocate, including working with Causa (Oregon's Immigrant Rights Organization), Unite Oregon, Oregon Education Association, and  the Oregon School Employees Association (OSEA). Cynthia earned her Masters in Education at Portland State University.

Public Health, Division of Equity & Inclustion

Phone: 971-372-0768

Bobby Green.jpgBobby L. Green Sr. joined OHA at the creation of the agency in 2010. Prior to coming to OHA, he served as the Legislative Affairs Liaison for the Association of Community Mental Health Programs. He began at OHA as the Local Government Affairs Director, and also served several positions on an interim basis: Deputy Director of the Public Health Division, Chief Operation Officer, and Deputy Director of the Medicaid/Medicare Division. He was a Eugene City Councilor from 1989-1994, and County Commissioner for Lane county from 1994-2008. He was a board member of the Association of Oregon Counties, including President in 2007. Bobby has a BA in English/Literature from the University of Oregon. In his spare time, he enjoys his three grandchildren and film studies.

Local Government Affairs Liasion
Email: Bobby Green

Phone: 503-947-2349

mgreen.png Matthew Green (he/him) joined Government Relations as a senior policy advisor in January 2019. He focuses on the Legislature's Joint Committee on Ways and Means, as well as communications for the GR team, including regular outreach with external stakeholders and partners. Matthew came to OHA from the Washington State Department of Health, and brings years of experience in public health, media relations and government affairs. A former newspaper journalist, legislative aide, and political campaign manager for several elected officials, he also served as an elected City of Olympia council member. Matthew holds a BA from the The Evergreen State College and an MPP from Harvard University.

Ways & Means, Government Relations communications

Phone: 503-983-8257

Marybeth Mealue (002).pngMarybeth Mealue (she/her) has been with OHA and the state of Oregon for about two years, and has been an executive support specialist for the Government Relations and Communications teams. She has experience in personnel and project management, as well as office management. Before joining OHA, Marybeth worked as a personnel and office manager for four prominent newspapers in the mid-Willamette valley. Marybeth was born and raised in Oregon and has a bachelors degree in history and international studies from George Fox University.

Executive Support

Email: Marybeth Mealue
Phone: 503-490-8100

Phil (2).jpgPhilip Schmidt joined OHA in March 2020, and almost immediately began work on the COVID response in communications. Later he supported HPA and HSD (Medicaid) with communications. Phil spent nearly a decade working on Capitol Hill for a Puerto Rican Member of Congress from New York – first as communications director and later as deputy chief of staff. After his time in DC, he moved back home to Oregon and worked at the hospital association for several years. In his spare time he likes to bike, camp and hang out with his daughters. 

Medicaid, Health Policy & Analytics

Phone: 503-383-6079

Legislative Reports

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