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Coordinated Care Organizations (CCO) Financial Information

One of the overarching goals of Oregon's transformation through coordinated care organizations is improving transparency through CCO specific quality, efficiency, outcome and financial data that is available to the public. Public reporting is a key element in Oregon's work to transform the state Medicaid system to be more transparent to members, stakeholders and the public. As an initial step towards improving transparency, OHA has developed the Health System Transformation Quarterly Progress Report. That report highlights statewide performance on key measurements, rates of health care utilization, and costs through the coordinated care organizations that serve Oregon's Medicaid population.

To complement the Quarterly Progress Report, OHA will also be publishing financial reports provided by the CCOs, as required through their contracts.

Below are CCOs’ audited financial statements for the most recent available year, as well as internal financial statements through the most recent available quarter.

Audited and Internal Financial Statements

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