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Coordinated Care Organizations (CCO) Financial Information

One of the overarching goals of Oregon's transformation through Coordinated Care Organizations (CCO) is improving transparency through CCO specific quality, efficiency, outcome and financial data that is available to the public. Public reporting is a key element in Oregon's work to transform the state Medicaid system to be more transparent to members, stakeholders and the public.

Below are CCOs’ audited financial statements for the most recent available years, as well as internal financial statements through the most recent available quarter. In addition, a section has been added starting in 2020 related to the full redacted financial reports as required by Senate Bill 1041 (passed in 2019).

Also, as part of Senate Bill 1041 (2019 session), OHA is also required to publish annually a risk-adjusted rate of growth measurement for each Coordinated Care Organization (CCO). OHA has created a summary displaying this metrics for each CCO from 2019-2020 - CCO Rate of Growth Memo

Audited and Internal Financial Statements

Redacted Audited and Internal Financial Statements