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Coverage Guidances and Reports Open for Comment

Evidence-based Report public comment process

The Health Evidence Review Commission posts draft coverage guidances, multisector intervention reports and scope statements to this website for public comment as they become available.

For draft reports (coverage guidances or multisector intervention reports), comments will be accepted for 30 days following a draft's initial posting for comment, and for 21 days for any subsequent postings.

For scope statements, the public comment is open for 7 days.

For more detail on our public comment policies, including comments on potential changes to the Prioritized List, visit our Comment on Current Topics page.

Guidances & Reports

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Evidence-based Guidelines

For your comment to be accepted, it must:

  • Be submitted to by the listed deadline.
  • Contain no .zip files.
  • Include name, profession, professional affiliations, address, phone number and email address1.
  • Not exceed 1000 words for coverage guidances/multisector intervention reports and 500 words for scope statements.

1 Email addresses will not be posted publicly in meeting materials, and names can be withheld by request. Even if withheld, names may become public if disclosure is required as a part of a public records request.


  • Any submissions not adhering to the above criteria will be returned without an extension of the deadline, except that comments which exceed the word limit but otherwise meet criteria will be truncated to the specified length.
  • Only one submission per person, per topic will be allowed. A separate email must be sent for each topic.
  • In addition to your comments, please include a separatate citations list with any suggested peer-reviewed articles (these will be considered and evaluated against our inclusion criteria and not counted towards the word limit). To ensure the suggested articles are reviewed, attach copies of the articles with your comments. If we are unable to obtain a cited article, it will not be reviewed.
  • Comments should not contain links to additional materials. These will not be reviewed.
  • Comments for scope statements should focus on correctly defining the scope and key questions for the literature search. We will not publicly review or respond to comments recommending coverage or noncoverage for a service during the scope public comment period.

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