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EHR Testimonial

Dr. Chip Taylor, MD, MPH

OHSU - Portland, OR
Dr. Chip Taylor, MD, MPHI choose EHR! In 1989, as a second year family medical resident, I was still documenting notes in a paper chart. When I reported to a Naval Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, a computer sat on my desk, along with clear instructions on how to use it and order labs, x-rays and prescriptions.
I found that this "innovation" added about five minutes to each medical visit. However, I soon discovered that I was more efficient in refilling prescriptions and reviewing labs and radiology reports. It wasn't until I left residency, and went to an isolated clinic overseas, without an EHR, that I fully appreciated how easy, reliable access to data outside the visit really improved my patient care.
In 1999, I began using the EHR to also write clinic notes and as an OHSU family physician, I'm convinced that my EHR improves my overall efficiency, and allows me to provide better, safer care for my patients.
Today, I feel clinicians can really benefit from an EHR - especially when they keep organized notes and take advantage of the information available on the backend. That's where clinicians will find the true power of the EHR.

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