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Co-occurring Disorders


Co-occurring disorders refers to an individual having one or more substance abuse disorders and one or more psychiatric disorders. Formerly known as Dual Diagnosis. Each disorder can cause syptoms of the other disorder leading to slow recovery and reduced quality of life.

AMH, along with partners, is improving services to Oregonians with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders by:
  • Developing funding strategies
  • Developing competencies
  • Providing training and technical assistance to staff on program integration and evidence based practices 
  • Conducting fidelity reviews of evidence based practices for the COD population
  • Revising the Integrated Services and Supports Oregon Administrative Rule
The high rate of co-occurrence between drug abuse and addiction and other mental disorders argues for a comprehensive approach to intervention that identifies, evaluates, and treats each disorder concurrently. Co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders is considered the expectation for both the addictions and mental health service providers.

Oregon Co-occurring Disorders Services Resource Directory

Co-occurring Disorders Resources

Program Contact: Nicole Corbin

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