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HSD-Approved Evidence-Based Practices

This list is an informational tool for providers to select and implement Evidence-Based Practices (EBPs). The list represents EBPs meeting the division's definition and standards for EBPs.
The Health Systems Division (HSD) is reviewing its policy regarding the process for adding EBPs to this approved list. We are not currently accepting applications. If you have questions, contact Shawn Clark at (503) 945-9720 or
This page includes a listing by discipline of HSD-approved EPBs. Browse or search for your topic of interest by using the controls provided below. Also see the Evidence-Based Approved Practice Main Page.
At this time, you can only search using one word in the "Search" bar. To search by discipline:
  • For co-occuring disorders: Type co-
  • For other disciplines: Type one word in the discipine (e.g., mentalpreventionsubstance)

Approved Practices by Discipline


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