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Oregon Health Plan (OHP) and Your Pregnancy

OHP Covers Pregnancy Care

If you become pregnant, tell ONE Customer Service right away. We will make sure you do not lose health coverage before your baby is born and will sign you up for more vision and dental services. These benefits continue for 12 months after the pregnancy ends.

You also need to tell ONE Customer Service if a pregnancy ends. Their phone number is 800-699-9075.

​If you are pregnant or think you might be, it is important that you:

  • See a health care provider right away.
  • Get regular pregnancy checkups.
  • Keep your appointments and follow your doctor's advice.
  • Make an appointment with your dentist. Have all needed dental care. Keeping your teeth healthy will help keep you and your baby healthy.
  • Do not use alcohol or drugs before, during or after pregnancy. It can harm your baby even before it's born. If you need help for alcohol and drug use, talk to your doctor or call an addictions treatment center in your CCO's network.
  • Ask your doctor about helping quitting smoking. Smoking during pregnancy can harm your baby. You can also call the Oregon Tobacco Quit Line at 800-784-8669.`
  • Ask your provider for specialist care if you need it.
  • Ask your provider about getting prenatal vitamins. Taking these vitamins will keep you and your baby healthy during your pregnancy. They can also help prevent birth defects.​

​Call ONE Customer Service as soon as you can. Call 800-699-9075, TTY 711. Once you do this, OHP will cover your baby until their sixth birthday. When you call, give the following information about your baby:

  • Date of birth
  • Name
  • Sex
  • Social Security number (when your baby gets one)
  • The baby's primary care provider
  • The coordinated care organization (CCO) you want your baby enrolled in.

You will receive a new coverage letter listing your baby and an Oregon Health ID card for your baby. Call ONE Customer Service if you do not get these within two weeks.

Services Covered During and After Pregnancy

​Dental care during pregnancy is important for the health of your baby. OHP covers these services during pregnancy.

  • Additional teeth cleanings, as needed
  • Prefabricated crowns
  • Root canals on back teeth

These benefits end 12 months after the pregnancy ends. ​

​OHP covers these services during pregnancy when clinically appropriate:

  • Routine vision exams
  • Glasses, fittings for glasses or contact lenses to correct vision

These benefits end 12 months after the pregnancy ends.

​Before, during and after pregnancy, OHP covers behavioral health and treatment services for alcohol and substance use. Learn more about behavioral health services for adults in Oregon​.

In addition, the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline provides 24/7, free, confidential support before, during, and after pregnancy by calling 1-833-TLC-MAMA (1-833-852-6262). ​

A doula is a birth companion who provides personal, nonmedical support to women and families throughout the pregnancy, childbirth and post-partum experience.​​

OHP will pay for a doula to support you in many ways. For example, a doula can attend some of your prenatal visits, if you choose. The doula can also be with you during your labor and delivery. Learn more about doula services for OHP members. ​

​OHP can help members get to their covered appointments. OHP can also help pay for travel expenses. Learn more about non-emergency travel.​

Labor and Delivery Services

​OHP covers hospital birth for all members. A physician or Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) attends the birth.

​OHP also covers planned community births for low-risk pregnancies. These births happen at home or at a birth center.

  • A Licensed-Direct-Entry Midwife (LDM), CNM or Naturopathic Physician certified in natural childbirth attends the birth.
  • The pregnancy must meet the criteria of the Oregon Health Evidence Review Commission.

​The person you choose to plan your birth will provide care during pregnancy, labor and delivery.  

​You will need to ask your doctor for a community birth. Do this as soon as possible: No later than week 24 of your pregnancy is best.

Learn more about planned community births.

Follow-up Care

​Your new baby will need checkups to track growth and development. The first checkup should be no more than five days after the baby is born. The doctor will let you know when your baby should have future checkups. 

This is care for you after your baby is born. This is important for you and your baby. You can learn about recovering from birth, family planning and your feelings about being a new mother. Please talk to your provider or CCO to set up this appointment. ​

​Postpartum care coverage lasts 12 months for OHP Plus members. ​

​OHP covers:

  • Immediate postpartum IUD,
  • Implants and tubal ligation(getting tubes tied),
  • Lactational amenorrhea method (LAM) consultation, and
  • A full range of other methods such as birth control pills, patch, emergency contraception, vasectomy or condoms.

You can contact your provider to discuss your options or visit one of our Oregon Reproductive Health Clinics, all accept OHP.

Other Resources from the Oregon Public Health Division

WIC provides healthy foods, nutrition education and breastfeeding support. 

Home visiting before and after birth:

  • Family Connects Oregon will offer home visiting services to all families with newborns up to 6 months of age. The program is now available in 8 Oregon counties
  • The Nurse-Family Partnership program offers home visits in 9 Oregon counties. This program supports people who are pregnant with their first child through their child's second birthday.
  • The Babies First! program offers home visits for pregnant people and their child up to age 5 in most  Oregon counties.

To ask about receiving public health home visiting services contact your local health department.



Have questions about your pregnancy, birth, or postpartum care?