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COVID-19 Coping Resources

Coping With Our "New Normal"

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has disrupted daily life as we know it. You have access to programs, tools and resources through OEBB to help you take on these uncertain and changing times.

Check back frequently for updates.

Stay in the know

How are OEBB's partners adapting to COVID-19? Please visit the websites of our carriers and wellness programs to learn how they are adapting their services.

Below you will find resources they have provided to help YOU adapt as well. Through OEBB, you have access to health, life-balance, and financial planning articles, videos, and more to help you maintain a healthy balance.

Please do not self-medicate!

  • Glasses + COVID-19: If you wear glasses, it's more important now than ever to sanitize your glasses regularly! Put those anti-bacterial wipes and soap to good use by wiping down your glasses. While glasses won't provide 100% protection, lenses or sunglasses may help shield your eyes from infected respiratory droplets. 

Resources to support you:

Watch video of proper handwashingWash and learn! 
Proper handwashing not only helps with the prevention of coronavirus (COVID-19), it can prevent the spread of other viral illnesses such as cold and flu. This video shows proper hand washing techniques.

WW Coin logo sm.jpgNow offering Virtual Workshops

Visit and click the banner at the top to learn how you can join a Virtual Studio location.

VSP and COVID-19 Expanded Access

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, VSP is expanding access to members through August.. If you're in need of medical eye care services, contact your VSP network eye doctor. Need help finding an eye doctor? Call VSP Customer Care at 800-877-7195. Learn more

Not sure when to see your eye doctor during the COVID-19 pandemic? Learn the difference between emergency eye care and routine care.

Your Income & COVID-19

Have your finances been impacted by COVID-19? Reliant Behavioral Health has created a PDF to help you tackle financial challenges. 

Check out the financial resources and support available to you.

Recorded Events (access at any time)

Staying Healthy at Home During COVID-19
Hosted by Moda Health
Recorded April 1, 2020
Watch the recording now

Reliant Behavioral Health (RBH) webinar series - includes reducing stress and building resilience, how to go from stressed to wellbeing and more. Explore the series in the OEBB playlist, RBH YouTube channel.

Resiliency, Flexibility, and Adaptability: Practical applications for today, so we can all bounce back tomorrow
Guardian & Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) 
Recorded April 8, 2020
Watch the recording now

Estate Planning Essentials: In Wake of Coronavirus 
Webinar content is specific to the state of Oregon.
CLC Incorporated and Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) 
Recorded April 14, 2020
Watch the recording now

Total Brain: Beyond Funny - Understand the new science of stress, power of perspective, and how to automate critical self-care strategies using intentional humor at work and at home.
Total Brain & Kaiser Permanente
Recorded May 6, 2020
Watch the recording now

Upcoming Events


We have no future events scheduled at this time. Watch this space for more as they become available!

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