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Asthma Leadership Plan

Oregon Asthma Leadership Plan: 2014-2019

Oregon Asthma Leadership Plan 2014-2019

In Oregon in 2012, 10% of adults and 7% of children reported that they currently had asthma, suggesting that approximately 360,000 Oregonians have asthma. Oregonians without a college education or who are lower income are more likely to have asthma.

  • More Oregon adults with asthma smoke cigarettes (24%), a major asthma trigger, than those without asthma (18%).
  • Few Oregonians have received basic asthma self-management resources like asthma action plans (34% of children and 24% of adults) or taking an asthma management course or class (7% of children and 6% of adults).
  • Only 38% of Oregonians with asthma had ever been advised to make changes to their home environment to help manage their asthma. 
  • Approximately 26% of extremely obese adult Oregonians had asthma compared to 8% of adults with a healthy weight.

All these facts illustrate the need for a statewide Oregon strategy for improving asthma and illustrates the focus areas for asthma control in Oregon.

  1. Decrease tobacco use among people with asthma
  2. Increase self-management among people with asthma
  3. Decrease exposure to environmental triggers among people with asthma
  4. Decrease obesity among people with asthma

Taken together, these focus areas should reduce asthma hospitalizations, increase asthma self-management, and therefore reduce asthma inequities.

About the Plan

The Oregon Asthma Leadership Plan outlines the statewide goals, objectives, and strategies needed to address and measure these priority areas. The Leadership Plan is a statewide call for action to achieve positive long-term asthma outcomes and to improve the quality of life for all Oregonians with asthma.

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