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Mortality Data

Includes information on mortality (deaths) from heart disease or strokes and a link to dashboards on annual trends, leading causes of death and county deaths in Oregon.

Below are data resources provided by the Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Section (HPCDP) of the Public Health Division.

 Oregon Cancer Related Deaths

Includes deaths from cancer by cancer sites for common cancers, screenable cancers, cancers of community concern and selected rare cancers with environmental concerns. 

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Oregon Tobacco-Linked Death Data

Includes all deaths marked as tobacco-linked. The Oregon death certificate asks "Did tobacco use contribute to death?" Deaths marked as "Yes" or "Probably" are included for those conditions on this report.

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Additional data resources provided by the Oregon Public Health Division and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) can be found below.

Heart Disease or Stroke Maps

Includes Oregon county maps on heart disease or stroke deaths by demographic characteristics of the population.

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Oregon Death Data

Includes a link to the Oregon Vital Statistics page with mortality data dashboards.

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