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Finding, using and requesting data support from HPCDP

Data Webinar Resources

HPCDP is pleased to provide the link to the recording of the webinar "Finding, using and requesting data support from HPCDP" at
The link to the PPT presentation, which includes all links to resources noted in the presentation, is found on HPCDP Connection under Training and Events, and Materials from Past Meetings & Events here.

Summary of questions and answers from the webinar

Question: why is raw data not very available?
  • Answer: It is true that raw data is not readily available on the HPCDP data website. We are only able to provide certain types of data on a public website. This is because there are state and federal laws that govern the provision of data that contains individual health and personally identifiable information. HPCDP also uses many data sources owned by data partners. We enter into agreements with the owners of many data systems. Part of receiving the right to use these data is agreeing not to rerelease. HPCDP can connect you to the owners of data systems so your organization can enter into agreements to access raw data directly.
Question: Can I get mental health data disaggregated by ethnicity and age?
  • Answer: HPCDP does not have mental health data. Mental health data is mostly available from the Oregon Health Authorities Office of Health Analytics. You can contact Geralyn Brennan, Program Analysis & Measurement Manager at or fill out their general data request form here. 
Question: Is it possible to get colorectal cancer (CRC) screening rates by ethnicity at the county level?
  • Answer: It is possible to get CRC screening rates for some counties. It depends on how many people were surveyed in the county, how many were asked the CRC question (between the age of 50-75) and how many were of the ethnicity in question. For the county that asked there were only five individuals surveyed, which is too low to release for confidentiality and data reliability reasons. However, we invite this question as other cases could have sufficient numbers to provide information.