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Administrative Rules

OARs for Water System Operator Certification

Chapter 333 Division 061

  • 333-061-0210; 0220 Operator Certification Scope; and Classification of Water Treatment Plants and Water Distribution Systems
  • PDf icon333-061-0225; 0228; 0230; 0232 General Requirements Applying to Water Systems; Certification Requirements for Small Water System; Contracting For Services Operators; and General Requirements Applying to Water System Operators
  • PDf icon333-061-0235 Operator Requirements Levels 1-4
  • PDf icon333-061-0245; 0250 Applications for Certification Levels 1-4; and Examinations Levels 1-4
  • PDf icon333-061-0260 Certification Renewals Levels 1-4
  • PDf icon333-061-0265 Certification Fees
  • PDf icon333-061-0270; 0272 Refusal, Suspension, or Revocation of Certification; Suspension of Certification; and Penalties

Combined OAR packet

The purpose of operator certification is to protect public health and public water systems in Oregon. DWS accomplishes this by reviewing the experience, education and credentials of persons responsible for the production, treatment and distribution of public drinking water and determining their compliance with an established standard of proficiency. The rules include application guidelines, general operator criteria and grade requirements; operator system classifications and fees are also covered.


Joint biennial report to the legislature by DWS and DEQ on certification of water and wastewater operators