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Reports and Resources

Reports, presentations, protocols and other information related to the investigation

OHA Public Health Assessment

ATSDR Health Consultation

Biological Monitoring for Exposure to Herbicides, Highway 36 Corridor


Public Meetings

OHA presentation from 4/10/12 public meeting and AgendaSee the public meeting on YouTube

OHA presentation from 5/28/13 public meeting and Agenda.  See the public meeting on YouTube

EPA update on the status of the air sampler development (5/28/13)

Questions and Answers from 5/28/13 public meeting. Staff did not have time to answer these at the public meeting.


Oregon Regulations on Pesticide Applications

Comparative analysis of Pacific NW forest requirements for aerial application of pesticides

Information about 2,4-D

Information about atrazine

Information about using biomonitoring equivalents (BE) as a screening tool for 2,4-D in urine

List of products containing 2,4-D that are registered for sale in Oregon

Laboratory Methods and Protocols

EPA's Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) for passive air samplers

Fall 2011 urine and environmental sampling protocol 

EPA's Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) for the fall 2011 environmental samples

Laboratory protocol used for analyzing 2,4-D

Laboratory protocol used for analyzing atrazine

PeaceHealth clinic's urine sample collection protocol

ODA's Standard Operating Procedures

To obtain ODA’s laboratory methods and protocols used for the fall 2011 food and soil samples, contact their laboratory at 503-872-6644. To obtain DEQ’s laboratory protocols used for the fall 2011 water samples, contact DEQ’s Laboratory at 800-452-4011.

Historical Documents

Draft Public Health Assessment issued for public comment and Summary

Alsea II Study

EPA halts most use of herbicide 2,4,5-T; Science 16 March 1979: Vol. 203 no. 4385 pp. 1090-1091  

EPA Press Statement banning 2,4,5-T, 1979

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