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Trainsong Park

Trainsong Park

Trainsong Park is a public park located in West Eugene at 2775 Edison St. Eugene, OR 97402. The City of Eugene owns and operates the park.
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Soil from Trainsong Park was sampled during Fall 2021 and Winter 2022. This testing identified elevated levels of dioxins and furans in shallow soils at the park. The park was partially closed by the City of Eugene and additional testing at the park and the surrounding neighborhood occurred during February 2023. High levels of dioxin were confined to the park property itself and did not seem to extend into residences nearby. Moderate levels of dioxins were found further from the park. The closest residential properties to the park had very low levels of dioxin. This irregular pattern of dioxin contamination indicates the park is not a source of contamination to the neighborhood.
There are multiple potential sources of dioxin in the environment (burning waste, industrial activity, engine combustion, etc.). Currently, the sources of dioxin contamination in and around Trainsong Park remain unknown.

EHAP's Involvement

The Environmental Health Assessment Program (EHAP) has reviewed all soil sampling from Trainsong Park and evaluated potential risks to human health. EHAP worked with Oregon DEQ to develop several resources for park users and affected community members (See resources section below).

City of Eugene began cleanup planning in Spring of 2023. This planning included further sampling and developing site-specific screening thresholds. Site-specific screening thresholds are called Risk-Based Concentrations (RBCs) and can be used to inform cleanup. The RBC aims to protect the health of a typical park user, including children that attend summer programming at the park. EHAP evaluated these screening thresholds to ensure they protect health.

Trainsong Letter Health Consultation
The City of Eugene and its consultant proposed a site-specific Risk-Based Concentration (RBC) to determine to what extent and where the park needs to be cleaned up. Oregon DEQ requested that EHAP provide a public health interpretation of a proposed site-specific Risk-Based Concentration (RBC). EHAP produced a Letter Health Consultation (LHC) in response to that request.

EHAP determined that the proposed site-specific RBC for Trainsong Park is protective of health for both adults and children playing at the park. EHAP has no further recommendations since the proposed RBC is protective of human health, including children.

Read the full Trainsong Letter Health Consultation