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EHAP Reports

This web page lists public health assessments and consultations authored by the Oregon Environmental Health Assessment Program as a historical reference to the public health community. It is possible that the data/methods we used at the time of our evaluation are no longer current.  

Public Health Assessments (PHA)

EHAP reviews information about contaminants in the air, water or soil at a site and investigates the ways in which people come into contact with them. When available, an assessment also includes a review of information on community-wide rates of illness, disease and death. EHAP also addresses community health concerns, such as how a site affects a community's health or quality of life. PHAs consider multiple contaminants and multiple ways of contact with those contaminants.

Public Health Consultations (PHC)

PHCs are similar to Public Health Assessments, but they usually focus on one specific, site-related public health question. Health consultations can also address certain requests, such as when an organization or a citizen has a specific health concern related to a site. PHCs are intended to prevent or reduce exposures and may lead to recommendations for specific actions such as restricting use of or replacing water supplies, collecting environmental sampling, restricting site access, or removing contaminated materials.