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WIC Certifier Program

The WIC Certifier Guide is now the WIC Certifier Program. It can be found in Workday Learning. 

All materials are now in Workday Learning. 

The WIC Certifier Program has 12 sections and a post test. Each section includes at least one course. Courses may be self-paced PDF courses, eLearning courses, or videos. Each program section has a Guide that includes staff study guides and course completion forms.

Your training supervisor will need to maintain signed copies of each completion form.

The Certifier Program can be accessed in Workday Learning using the links on this page or by searching 'WIC Certifier Program' in Workday Learning. 

'Paper modules' are now called 'Self-Paced PDF Courses' Learners enroll in the course and download the PDF files to complete the course. All PDF courses, completion forms and any other PDFs are fillable. This means learners can take notes within the file and save it to their computer. If you prefer a paper copy of this Certifier Program Courses or any of the self-paced PDF courses (such as Nutrition Risk course), ask your Training Supervisor to order a copy from Oregon WIC Shopify.

Below is a table of the WIC Certifier Program and sections in Workday. Use the links in the sections here, or search in the Learning section search bar in Workday for 'Certifier Program'. All sections begin with 'OHA - PHD - Certifier Program Section...'

Section 1
Getting started

Certifier Program Section 1

  • Certifier Guide Course for Section 1
  • Civil Rights Course
  • Introduction to WIC
Section 2
What it means to
be a certifier
Certifier Program Section 2

  • Certifier Guide Course for Section 2
  • Introduction to Participant-Centered Education Course
  • Participant-Centered Service: Setting the Stage Course
  • Breastfeeding Level One Course
  • Food Package Course - Chapter 1 only (PDF included in the Certifier Guide Course for Section 2)
  • MIS Training (TWIST)
Section 3
Interacting with
WIC participants

Certifier Program Section 3

  • Certifier Guide Course for Section 3
  • Participant-Centered Education Course
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences Course
Section 4A
Completing an
assessment -

You must complete
this section before
certifying a participant 

Certifier Program Section 4A

  • Certifier Guide Course for Section 4A
  • Anthropometrics Course
  • Hematology Course
  • Basic Nutrition Course
  • Nutrition Risks Course
    • Chapter 1
    • Chapter 2
    • Chapter 3
    Section 4B
    Prenatal Nutrition -

    You must complete this
    course before 
    a participant 
    who is pregnant

    Certifier Program Section 4B

    • Certifier Guide Course for Section 4B
    • Prenatal Nutrition Course
    Section 4C
    Infant and Child Nutrition -

    You must complete this 
    course before certifying
    a participant 
    who is a child

    Certifier Program Section 4C

    • Certifier Guide Course for Section 4C
    • Child Nutrition Course
    • Responsive Parenting and WIC Course
    • Toddler Behavior Course
    • Nutrition Risk Course
      • Chapter 5
    Section 4D
    Infant Feeding and Formula -

    You must complete this 
    course before certifying
    a participant 
    who is an infant

    Certifier Program Section 4D

    • Certifier Guide Course for section 4D
    • Infant and Feeding Course
    • Baby Behaviors Course
    • Infant Formula

    Section 4E
    Nutrition for Postpartum Women -

    You must complete this
    course before certifying
    a participant who is postpartum

    Certifier Program Section 4E

    • Certifier Guide Course for section 4E
    • Postpartum Nutrition Course
    • Nutrition Risk
      • Chapter 6
    Section 4F
    Breastfeeding -

    You must complete this
    course before certifying
    a participant who is

    Certifier Program Section 4F

    • Certifier Guide Course for Section 4F
    • Breastfeeding Level 2A Course
    • Breastfeeding Level 2B Course
    • Breastfeeding Level 2C Course
    • Breastfeeding Level 2D Course
    • Breastfeeding Level 3A Course
    • Breastfeeding Level 3B Course
    Section 5
    Providing Nutrition-Focused

    Certifier Program Section 5

    • Certifier Guide Course for Section 5
    • Moving from Assessment to Nutrition-Focused Counseling
    • Checking for Understanding
    • Planning for Quarterly Nutrition Education
    • Finding Reputable Evidence-Based Resources
    Section 6
    Assigning and Tailoring
    Food Packages
    Certifier Program Section 6

    • Certifier Guide Course for Section 6
    • WIC Food Package
      • Chapter 2
    Section 7, 8 and 9
    Making Referrals,
    and Continual Learning
    Certifier Program Sections 7, 8 and 9

    • Certifier Guide Course for Sections 7, 8 and 9
    • Providing Participant-Centered Groups Course (optional)
    Post TestCertifier Program Post Test

    • Certifier Program Guide
    • Certifier Program Post Test