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Becoming a ScreenWise Patient

ScreenWise works with a statewide network of providers that offer breast, cervical, and hereditary cancer screening services for uninsured and underinsured patients. Covered services are offered at no cost to the client.


  • Age 21-49 and needing breast or cervical cancer diagnostic services*.
  • Age 50 or older and needing breast or cervical cancer screening or diagnostic services.


  • Live or intend to live in Oregon.


Insurance status**

  • Have no health insurance OR have health insurance, but not enough to cover your needs.

* Need for diagnostic services to be determined by clinician

** Location, Income and Insurance information is self-declared by client​

No insurance, no problem

If your family makes less than the following per month you may be able to get FREE breast and cervical health tests:

People in your household Together, everyone in your house makes less than this per month
1 $2,602
2 $3,523
3 $4,444
4 $5,365
5 $6,285
6 $7,206
7 $8,127
8 $9,408

To find out more about ScreenWise and how to become enrolled, call 1-877-255-7070 or go to


For questions about the program or to get help finding a provider call 1-877-255-7070

Need help? Call 1-877-255-7070

Find a ScreenWise Clinic

List of Providers

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