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Lead Poisoning in Oregon

Alarming levels of lead have been found in traditional cosmetics used in Hindu and Muslim religious practices and South and Southeast Asian cultures. High lead levels have also been found in the spice turmeric, particularly in smaller batches brought​ in from overseas.

Frequently Asked Questions: Lead in Traditional Cosmetics and Turmeric

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Lead poisoning prevention tips

Lead poisoning is a significant environmental health problem.

Laws and regulations are in place to protect people; however lead poisoning is still a risk for many Oregonians, especially children. The Lead Poisoning Prevention Program enforces state regulations, oversees professional training and certification, and responds to concerns about lead and its effect on public health.

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NEW: Notice of Proposed Permanent Rulemaking

The Oregon Health Authority is proposing to permanently adopt OAR chapter 333, division 67 relating to the remediation of lead-based paint hazards created during renovation or lead-based paint activities on target (pre-1978) housing or a child-occupied facility. A virtual public hearing will be held on 12/16/2021 at 10am for oral testimony. More details can be found in the following documents:


EPA: Withdrawal of Frequent Questions Affecting Property Management Companies

  • Federal Register (11/4/2021) announcing changes affecting property management companies that manage pre-1978 housing or properties and contract renovations that could disturb lead-based paint

CDC: Update of the Blood Lead Reference Value, 2021

FDA Safety Warning and Recalls for LeadCare Analyzers

Senate Bill 64 Amends Lead-Based Paint ORS 431A.358

  • Senate Bill 64 amends Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 431A.358 to align with the Code of Federal Regulations regarding lead-based paint requirements, including the removal of language that allowed uncertified individuals to perform lead-based paint activities under the supervision of certified individuals. This change affects the work of Risk Assessors, Inspectors, and Abatement Workers and Supervisors. It does not affect Renovation. Uncertified renovators can still perform work if they receive RRP-rule required on-the-job training and are directed by a Certified Renovator.

Law Related to Demolition of Residences with Lead-Based Paint

Alerts and Recalls

Reducing Lead in School Drinking Water

 Oregon Data

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