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Radiation Compliance

Enforcing Compliance with Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs)

Oregon Radiation Protection Services enforces compliance with Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) related to radiation.

Inspections are performed at tanning facilities to ensure facilities are following public health requirements and regulations to reduce risk to the public.

Tanning devices are registered to facilitate compliance with public health requirements and regulations and to fund state efforts for reducing the risk of unnecessary radiation to the public.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Final Order?

A Final Order is a binding legal document outlining rule violations and associated fines. It is issued to a facility for failing to correct non-compliances (public health rule violations) found during an inspection or failing to pay registration fees. 

2. How does a facility receive a Final Order?
To receive a Final Order from an inspection, here is what happens:

  1. Facility has inspection by a Radiation Protection Services health inspector.
  2. Facility has 30 days to submit corrective action for any public health violations found during the inspection.
  3. If sufficient corrective action is not submitted, facility will receive a document called a “Notice to Impose Civil Penalties”
  4. Facility has 20 days to request a hearing (achieve a settlement that the non-compliances will be fixed and pay a fine, often a reduced amount from the one listed in the Notice to Impose document).
  5. If a hearing is not requested and a settlement not achieved, the fines listed in the Notice to Impose Document become permanent and a Final Order is issued to the facility.

3. What rules does a tanning facility have to follow?
Oregon Adminstrative Rules for tanning facilties fall under OAR 333, Division 103, Division 111, Division 119 and Division 124.