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Rules and Statutes

Rules and Statutes Regarding Radiation

Oregon Revised Statutes

Oregon's Revised Statutes (ORS) regarding radiation can be found in ORS 453.605 through 453.807.

Radioactive materials ORS 453.605 through 453.715Tanning devices ORS 453.726 through 453.732X-ray devices ORS 453.752 through 453.775

Oregon Administrative Rules

Radiation Protection Services (RPS) operating rules, and the rules which are pertinent for users, are found under OAR Chapter 333, Divisions 100 through 125. Information regarding proposed rule changes can be found here.

Division 100: Control of Radiation - General Requirements

Division 101:  Registration of Radiation Machines- General License 

Division 102: Licensing of Radioactive Material 

Division 103: Fees 

Division 105: Industrial Radiographic Operators 

Division 106: X-rays in the Healing Arts (Associated tables in Division 106

Division 108: Radiation Safety Requirements for Analytical X-ray Equipment 

Division 109: Radiation Safety Requirements for Particle Accelerators 

Division 110: Radiation Safety Requirements for Radioactive Tailings & Ponds 

Division 111: Notices, Instructions, & Reports to Workers: Inspections 

Division 112: Requirements for Microwave Oven Use & Service 

Division 113: Well Logging Operators & Sub-surface Tracer Studies 

Division 114: Training for Emergency Response to Radioactive Materials Incidents 

Division 115: Radiation Safety Requirements for X-ray & Hybrid Gauges 

Division 116: Use of Radionuclide's in the Healing Arts 

Division 117: Regulation & Licensing of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM): Table 1 | Table 2

Division 118: Transportation of Radioactive Materials

Division 119: Registration of Tanning Facilities 

Division 120: Standards for Protection against Radiation (NRC Form 5)

Division 121: Licensing and Radiation Safety Requirements for Irradiators 

Division 122: Safety Requirements for Industrial X-ray Machine Operators 

Division 123: Therapeutic Radiation Machines 

Division 124: Civil Penalty 

Division 125: Materials Safety and Security