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Accessing OSPHL Test Results

How to Access Test Results

Patients Requesting Communicable Disease Test Results

In order to protect the privacy of personal health information in compliance with the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory must verify the identity of any patient who is requesting test results.

To request test results, patients can fill out the Test Result Request Form (pdf), have it notarized, and send it by mail to the OSPHL at the address on the form. Patients may also have their identity verified by visiting the OSPHL.

The Oregon State Public Health Laboratory abides by the Oregon State Agency Record Retention requirements (OAR 166-300) and destroys records that have met defined retention times. If the record you are requesting is past its retention time, we may no longer have it available.

Test results for minors

Parents and/or Guardians may request test results on behalf of patients under the age of 18. Patient representatives may request test results of behalf of patients by providing a copy of the medical power of attorney or a signed medical release.

Records from the Northwest Regional Newborn Screening Program

Please visit our page for Requesting Test Results from the Oregon Newborn Bloodspot Screening Program.

OSPHL Clients (Healthcare Providers): Accessing Test Results Online

Who may use this service

Submitters may be granted access to test result data via a secure internet portal for tests performed at the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory (OSPHL). Microbiology/Virology and Newborn Screening patient test result information may be viewed, sorted, searched, printed and/or copied. Submitters may view only test results on specimens that they submitted.

Applying for access: Communicable Disease Services

Prior to granting access to patient test results through the OSPHL secure web portal, the applicant must complete and sign the fields on the OSPHL Orchard Set-Up Form (doc) marked with an asterisk. The applicant's form must be authorized by a medical provider in their facility for rights to be granted.

Applying for access: Newborn Screening Services

Please visit our page for Requesting Test Results from the Oregon Newborn Bloodspot Screening Program.