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Why join the OHA VISTA team?

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“This work is important because we are able to offer valuable support to community partners and organizations. Our mission to eliminate poverty can be recognized by assisting and collaborating with these agencies and organizations and their shared vision to help those in need.”

“First and foremost, this work is important because it gives you the ability to serve. Service, especially one in which you are living at the Federal Poverty Line, gives you the opportunity to learn skills that many young people struggle with like discipline, budgeting, resourcefulness, and initiative. These skills can transfer over in so many ways for an individual and they can also provide for a community. This work is important not because of how many materials we create or how many people are recruited but because of the growth in character that is shared by the VISTA and the community he or she is placed with.”

“Provides real world work experience, helps a vulnerable population, helps you network and meet like-minded passionate people trying to achieve goals and make a difference.”

“Great way to give back to the community, learn about yourself and the world, and gain skills necessary to make change.

“The team is able to impact communities in some of the greatest need and really make a difference in the lives of those served. With budget cuts and a general lack of support for public health, many of the vital projects that the VISTAs complete would not happen.”

“Really well established team structure, support, and opportunities for training and growth throughout the year.”

“It is a great way to give back to the community, learn about yourself and the world, and gain skills necessary to make change.”

“It is a great way to gain experience and allows a person to figure out what type of public health work they are interested in.”

“You have the opportunity to grow, adapt, learn and create a lot during a single year.”

“A network of former OHA alumni who continue to work in public health in the region and beyond. A larger network of AmeriCorps alumni who you can find almost anywhere doing incredible work.”

“Excellent professional experience that otherwise might not be obtainable fresh out of college.

“As a VISTA you have the opportunity to collaborate with local organizations, community partners, and fellow VISTAs.”