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State Emergency Registry of Volunteers in Oregon (SERV-OR)

SERV-OR is a statewide registry system to help pre-credentialed health care professionals volunteer their services during emergencies with significant health impacts. 

The registry is sponsored by the Oregon Public Health Division in partnership with the Medical Reserve Corps. It utilizes a secure database to register, credential, and alert volunteer health providers.

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  Directory for Health Security

COVID-19 Bulletin for New and Returning Volunteers

Many volunteers with SERV-OR are readying themselves to answer the call for deployment in response to COVID-19 health and medical needs. Please ensure your contact information is up to date in your SERV-OR profile at 

Requesting Volunteers During the COVID-19 Response

BEFORE completing the volunteer request form, please read the FAQ for utilization of SERV-OR Volunteers. 


  1. Read FAQ: Utilizing SERV-OR Volunteers in Public Health Emergencies
  2. Complete State Managed Volunteer Request Form

Apply Now: Disability Emergency Management Advisory Council

The Disability Emergency Management Advisory Council (DEMAC) of Oregon is a new group that will help ensure Oregon is prepared to meet the needs of people with disabilities in disasters. DEMAC will advise state agencies on disability-accessible ways to keep communities safe before, during and after disasters.

DEMAC will have up to 25 primary members (who may have designated alternates), two-thirds of them people with disabilities, and also will include public health and human services professionals, disability service professionals, parents or guardians of people with disabilities and emergency managers. DEMAC will also have general members who get updates about the council and can volunteer for short-term, remote subcommittee work.

Are you interested in joining DEMAC? Do you have friends or colleagues who might be interested in joining?

If so, please read the DEMAC Information and Application document (see above) which includes more information about DEMAC, expectations of members and the application to join. Instructions for submitting your application are included in the document.

  • Applications for primary and alternate membership are now closed. Those who applied during the initial time period can expect to hear back from us by the first week of November, 2019. 
  • General members can submit their applications at any time. 
  • If you are interested in joining as a primary or alternate member but have missed the initial application period, you may still submit your application. You will be welcomed as a general member and will be notified when a primary member spot is open for applicants.


If you need this information in another format or language, please contact

DEMAC is supported and funded by the Oregon Department of Human Services, Oregon Office of Emergency Management and Oregon Health Authority.

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