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Dental Pilot Projects

The goal of the Dental Pilot Project Program is to encourage the development of innovative practices in oral health care delivery systems with a focus on providing care to populations that evidence-based studies have shown have the highest disease rates and the least access to dental care.

News and Announcements

Project Updates

  • Dental Pilot Project #200, "Training Dental Hygienists to Place Interim Therapeutic Restorations" has been approved.
  • Dental Pilot Project #100, "Oregon Tribes Dental Health Aide Therapist Pilot Project" has been approved.

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Invitation to Comment on Proposed Rulemaking

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA), Public Health Division, Oral Health Program is proposing to permanently amend administrative rules in chapter 333, division 10 "Dental Pilot Projects" to clarify the rules so that applications and approved projects can better understand the applicable requirements and possible consequences for failing to adhere to requirements.

Due to reorganization and significant amount of revision to the current rule text, OHA is proposing to repeal current administrative rules 333-010-0400 through 333-010-0470 and replace them with new rule language, administrative rules 333-010-0700 through 333-010-0820.

A Rules Advisory Committee (RAC) was convened to help draft the amended rule language. The amended rules clarify what is required for Dental Pilot Project applications; the process for review and approval by OHA; the minimum standards that approved projects are required to meet; quarterly monitoring reporting by approved projects; informed consent requirements; the process for corrective action in the event  that a project fails to meet the administrative rules; and steps to terminate or conclude a Dental Pilot Project. In addition, the rules set out criteria for when OHA will not accept new applications.

The public is invited to review and comment on the proposed amended language before 5:00 PM on October 31, 2018. If you wish to present oral testimony, a public hearing will be held on October 16, 2018 at 1:00 PM:

OHA, Public Health Division
800 NE Oregon Street
Portland, Oregon 97232
Conference Room 1C - First Floor

For more information on how to submit written comments and review the full text of the proposed amended rules, please see the Notices of Proposed Rulemaking:

Rules Advisory Committee for Dental Pilot Projects Program

The Oral Health Program convened a rules advisory committee (RAC) to look at permanently amending administrative rules 333-010-0400 through 333-010-0470 in chapter 333, division 10 "Dental Pilot Projects" to revise requirements for project management, increase administrative efficiency and clarify site visit requirements.

RAC Meetings were held on these specific dates and times:

About our Work

Senate Bill 738, passed by the Oregon State Legislature in 2011, allows the Oregon Health Authority to approve dental pilot projects once an application has been approved. These projects are intended to evaluate quality of care, access, cost, workforce, and efficacy by:

  • Teaching new skills to existing categories of dental personnel
  • Developing new categories of dental personnel
  • Accelerating the training of existing categories of dental personnel
  • Teaching new oral health care roles to previously untrained persons

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