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Certification for School Dental Sealant Programs

Required Certification for Local School Dental Sealant Programs

Oregon Administrative Rules, OAR 333-028 (Effective January 29, 2016) (Revised effective January 16, 2018)

Senate Bill 660 (pdf), passed by the Oregon State Legislature in 2015, requires local school dental sealant programs to be certified by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) before dental sealants can be provided in a school setting. Certification provides schools with assurance that a minimum set of standards will be met while delivering services.

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 431A.725 authorizes the OHA Public Health Division, Oral Health Program to adopt administrative rules to provide guidance for local school dental sealant programs on the requirements for certification; application process for certification and recertification; monitoring of local school dental sealant programs; and decertification or provisional certification for programs out of compliance.

Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) Chapter 333 Division 028 contains the final rule text language for certification. The OARs were last amended on January 16, 2018 to allow for the application of glass ionomer sealants and make minor clarifications to the certification and recertification process. 

Mandatory Certification Program

  • Mandatory certification as outlined in Senate Bill 660 began in the 2016-17 school year.
  • Once a school dental sealant program is certified, the certification status is effective for the certification year of August 1 - July 31.
  • Certified programs will need to continually maintain their list of schools being served and requested throughout the certification year.
  • OHA will conduct on-site verification reviews of each certified program.
  • A certified program will need to renew its certification no later than July 15 of each year.
  • Before applying for renewal certification, a certified program must submit an aggregate-level data report to OHA.

Before Applying for Certification

A representative responsible for coordinating and implementing the school dental sealant program must attend a one-time certification training provided by the Oregon Health Authority’s (OHA) Oral Health Program.

If the school sealant program experiences personnel changes that impact the representative responsible for coordinating and implementing the program, then a new representative must attend the one-time certification training before applying for recertification.


Application Form for Initial Certification

STEP 1: Email the OHA Oral Health Program at to request a user name and password for your organization to access the online application form. Please provide the name of your organization in the email.

  • Each organization will have its own unique log-in information.
  • Programs will then have the ability to update information on the application form throughout the school year regardless of personnel changes.

STEP 2: Download the user guide (pdf) that will show you how to complete the online application form step-by-step.

STEP 3: Once you have an organization user name and password, you can access the online application formPlease note the application works best in Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer.

If you need immediate assistance, please contact the Oral Health Program at or (971) 673-0348.

Application Form for Renewal Certification

STEP 1: Download the user guide (pdf) that will show you how to complete the online recertification application form step-by-step.

STEP 2: Using the same organization user name and password provided during the initial certification process, you can access the online application form. Please note the application works best in Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer

You will not be able to access your initial certification form for the 2016-17 school year. If you need to make any changes to it, please contact the Oral Health Program at or (971) 673-0348. We will make manual changes to your initial certification application form. 


CCO Webinar
OHA conducted a webinar for coordinated care organizations (CCOs) on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 around the Certification Program for local school dental sealant programs and the dental sealant metric. Participants learned more about the dental sealant metric and how CCOs are involved in the Certification Program.

For those who were unable to attend, you may view a recording of the webinar and download the webinar PowerPoint presentation (pdf).

Health Equity Webinar
The OHA Oral Health Program conducted a webinar on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 on how health equity practices can improve the reach of school dental sealant programs. Topics included:

  • Cultural agility
  • Health literacy standards
  • Trauma informed care practices

For those who were unable to attend, you may view a recording of the webinar and download the webinar PowerPoint presentation (pdf).

Required One-Time Certification Training

The training is FREE, and participants will learn how to deliver evidence-based, high quality oral health and dental sealant services in a school-based setting. The training is on the administrative side of operating a school dental sealant program.

Certification trainings will periodically take place throughout 2018 and 2019. Please contact the Oral Health Program at if you need to take the one-time certification training.

Training Topics

The training is modeled after the OHA School-based Dental Sealant Program, which currently has a 98% satisfaction rate from participating schools. Training topics include:

  • Research and Evidence-Based Practiceslogo
  • Utilizing Hygienists and Dental Assistants
  • Trauma Informed Care Practices
  • Recruiting and Working with Schools
  • Forms and Health Literacy Guidelines
  • Protocols for Quality
  • Data Collection and Reporting
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Providing Services in a School Setting
  • Certification Requirements and Processes

Required Clinical Training

As part of the certification process, a school dental sealant program must provide a clinical training every year to all providers rendering care within their scope of practice in a school setting.

This requirement may be met by one of these options:
  1. The school sealant program can develop and implement its own training; OR
  2. The program may send its providers to an annual training provided by the OHA Oral Health Program.
The clinical training must include these topics:
  • Determining the need for and appropriateness of sealants
  • Manufacturer's guidelines for sealant placement
  • Infection control guidelines
  • Quality assessment of the program (e.g. performance benchmarks and standards)
  • Confidentiality and security guidelines
  • Internal policies and procedures

OHA Clinical Training - August 17, 2018

The OHA Clinical Training will only include application techniques for resin-based sealants. Programs applying glass ionomer sealants can attend the OHA training, but then must conduct their own training on glass ionomer sealant application.

The training is free and includes continental breakfast and lunch. Dental assistants are welcome to attend this year. Parking is available at the hotel for $5.00 on a first come, first serve basis. There are also 5-hour parking meters in the area. Please register by August 10, 2018. Registration will close on that date.

Friday, August 17, 2018
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Crowne Plaza Portland-Downtown Convention Center
1441 NE 2nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97232
Register for Clinical Training

Training Agenda

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