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Oregon Psilocybin Services - Psilocybin Training Program Information


The Oregon Psilocybin Services Act (ORS 475A) established that the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) will adopt minimum standards of education and training requirements for psilocybin service facilitators. On January 1, 2024 OHA adopted additional rules that clarify requirements related to licensure by the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC). For the most current rules, please read: Administrative Rules 333-333.

All psilocybin training programs interested in offering training to students who plan to apply for facilitator licenses in Oregon will need to apply for curriculum approval through OPS and apply for a license (or request a determination that a license is not required) from the HECC. 

If you are considering becoming a student of a psilocybin training program, please go to the OPS Student Information page. 

Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) Requirements

Psilocybin training programs are required to be licensed by HECC or demonstrate that licensure is not required. Oregon Psilocybin Services (OPS) does not license psilocybin training programs. Under ORS 475A, OPS regulation of psilocybin training programs is limited to Oregon Administrative Rules relating to review, approval, denial, or revocation of psilocybin training program curriculum. Under Oregon law, HECC requires licensure of training programs that meet the statutory definitions of career training schools and/or degree granting programs. HECC also makes determinations on exemption from licensure for training programs.

OPS administrative rules on curriculum approval to align with existing Oregon law requiring HECC licensure for private career schools. The rules do not create new requirements for psilocybin training programs. Instead, they clarify that existing requirements for HECC licensure apply to psilocybin training programs and compliance with these requirements is necessary to receive and maintain OPS curriculum approval.

Pursuant to OAR 333-333-3010, a psilocybin training program that received curriculum approval from OPS prior to December 31, 2023, must provide documentation that it has applied for a license from HECC or requested determination from HECC that a license is not required no later than June 1, 2024. Psilocybin training programs who receive OPS curriculum approval after December 31, 2023, must provide this documentation within 180 calendar days of receiving OPS curriculum approval.

Psilocybin training programs will provide the required documentation to OPS using the HECC Verification Form.

HECC Verification Form

Psilocybin training programs who have already been licensed by HECC do not need to re-apply; however, psilocybin training programs are required to maintain their HECC license including renewing the HECC license on an annual basis.

Failure to provide the required documentation according to the timelines described above may result in revocation of OPS curriculum approval. OPS may also revoke curriculum approval if HECC denies a psilocybin training program's license application. Finally, after a psilocybin training program has received a license or a determination from HECC that approval is not required, the psilocybin training program must maintain that status to ensure that their OPS curriculum approval is not affected.

Psilocybin training programs may apply for a HECC license or request a determination that a license is not required by contacting HECC directly.

            HECC License Application Information

            HECC Exemption Request Information

HECC Contact Information

For General HECC Questions:

To File a Complaint or Request an Exemption:
Matthew Altman – Phone: 503-881-2738

To Begin the Process of Licensing a New Training Program: 
Peter Gertenrich – Phone: 503-551-8236

For Schools Operating Without a Private Career School License – Cease and Desist Letters
Elizabeth Rogers – Phone: 503-507-8726

For Office of Degree Authorization, In-State authorization:
Michael Ralls – Phone 503-979-6001

For Office of Degree Authorization, Out-of-State authorization:
Rebecca Fuller – Phone 503-947-5751

Apply for Training Program Curriculum Approval Online

The Oregon Psilocybin Services (OPS) – Training program, Licensing, and Compliance (TLC) system is an online platform where training programs can complete and submit the psilocybin training program curriculum application, a curriculum worksheet, and upload a copy of their detailed training program curriculum.

Ready to Apply? Click Here.

For more information about how to prepare for the application process, please read the information on this page and refer to the application guide below:

  Training program curriculum application guide for applying ONLINE

Apply for Training Program Curriculum Approval by Mail

If you are unable to complete the application online using the TLC platform and application guide, you may print the paper application packet and required curriculum worksheet below. Please mail the paper copy of the application packet, curriculum worksheet, your detailed curriculum, along with the $500 non-refundable application fee to the address listed at the end of the application packet. For more information, please see the MAILED curriculum application guide below.

  Training program curriculum application guide for applying BY MAIL 

  Paper application packet w/ remittance form

  Required curriculum worksheet

  Change in facilitator training program curriculum worksheet

Everyone has a right to know about and use Oregon Health Authority (OHA) programs and services. OHA provides free help. If you need these written materials in other languages, braille, large print, or other formats, please contact us by calling (971)341-1713 or by emailing:

Updating Practicum and Program information, Affiliated Individuals, and Curriculum

The Oregon Psilocybin Services (OPS) Licensing Team must be notified of changes to psilocybin training program contact information and individuals affiliated with the training program such as instructors and lead educators as well as any material changes to the psilocybin training program curriculum. These updates can be made by psilocybin training programs through the Training Program, Licensing, and Compliance (TLC) System. Please review the links below for specific guidance on how to submit psilocybin training program updates through TLC. Please note: Changes must be reviewed and approved by OPS which may take several weeks.

OPS Psilocybin Training Program Practicum Update Form 

How to Update Training Program Information, Affiliated Individuals and Curriculum

How to Generate and Print the Training Program Curriculum Application Approval Summary 

For any questions about updating training program information, please reach out to the licensing team by email at:

Questions? Contact: