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Required VFC Training

About the Training Modules

The CDC and Oregon Vaccines for Children (VFC) program requires that key immunization staff (including the VFC coordinator and back-up) from every VFC clinic take the trainings listed below.

While three of the four modules are only required every two years, we strongly encourage you to have new immunizing staff take all four trainings as part of their orientation to vaccinations and the VFC program.

Please contact our VFC help line at 971-673-4VFC if you have any questions or concerns about these trainings.

Tips for a smooth training experience
for a smooth training experience

Adobe Connect We use a learning environment called Adobe Connect to manage our training modules. Prior to starting each module, you will be asked to complete a short registration form. Once registered, you will only need a name and password to access our trainings.

Please be aware, Adobe Connect only allows 10 concurrent users at any given time, so if you receive the message, “The concurrent training user quota has been reached at this time. Try again later”, please exit the learning system and try back 30-60 minutes later.

Time commitment: Each module takes roughly 20-30 minutes to complete. Please allow enough time to take the module in its entirety.

Skipping ahead: These modules include a lot of interactive elements that will be missed if you skip ahead. Doing well on the quiz questions requires that you slow down and read the materials carefully.

Printing your certificate: Each module includes a printable certificate of completion. We recommend you set your printer orientation to landscape for best results. Printing the certificate as a PDF and maintaining it electronically is also acceptable. If this certificate is lost or misplaced, let us know; we have the ability to retrieve your training records when needed.

Technical support: If you encounter technical issues, please consult your IT department for possible system or firewall incompatibilities. If this doesn’t resolve your problem, call us at 971-673-4832 and we will do our best to help troubleshoot.

Required every one year

Your VFC coordinator and back-up coordinator must take this VFC program overview training every year. Completion is required for VFC recertification.

Oregon VFC Overview and Self-Assessment

Course time: 35 minutes

Overview: Participation in the VFC program requires commitment and hard work. This training module covers VFC program requirements and lets you assess your clinic's overall compliance. Start module 

Click to play: Oregon VFC Overview and Self Assessment

Required every two  years

At least two immunization staff must take these three VFC storage and handling trainings every two years. Certificates of completion will be requested at your next VFC site visit.

1) Preparing Vaccines

Course time: 25 minutes

Overview: Errors during vaccine preparation are a serious matter. This training module teaches you some common sense ways to improve your practice. Start module

Click to play: Preparing Vaccines

2) Administering Vaccines

Course time: 20 minutes

Overview: Vaccine route varies by manufacturer. This training module covers four of the most common types. Start module

Click to play: Administering Vaccines

3) Storing Vaccines

Course time: 30 minutes

Overview:  Proper vaccine storage is essential to an effective immunization practice. This training module will show you some of the "best practices" related to vaccine storage and documentation. Start module

Click to play: Storing Vaccines

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