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Required Vaccine Provider Training

About the Training Modules

The CDC and the Oregon state-supplied vaccine program requires that key immunization staff (including the vaccine coordinator and back-up) from every VFC or VAP* clinic take the trainings listed below. Proof of completion will be requested at your next site visit.Please contact our Oregon Provider Help Desk at 1-800-980-9431 if you need assistance.

* NOTE For VAP Providers: The trainings listed below reference VFC, however both VAP and VFC must complete required trainings (the majority of VFC trainings and materials are applicable for both).

Tips for a smooth training experience
for a smooth training experience

Web Platform: Oregon VFC/VAP and the CDC use different hosting platforms, so the process for registering will be different. Both require you to register at your first visit and then use a username and password for return visits.

Time commitment: Each Oregon VFC/VAP module takes roughly 20-30 minutes to complete. CDC modules are longer, taking about 45-60 min to complete. Please allow enough time to complete your chosen module(s) in its entirety.

CME Credits: Only the CDC trainings offer the option for CME credit. Please follow the instructions listed on the CDC webpage for collecting those credits and printing your certificate.

Printing your certificate: Your Oregon Vaccine Management Course certificates will be available for you anytime in the Immunization Training Portal. If you are printing, set your printer orientation to landscape for best results. For CDC courses follow the directions on the final slide.

Technical support: If you encounter technical issues, please consult your IT department for possible system or firewall incompatibilities. If this doesn’t resolve your problem, call us at 1-800-980-9431 and we will do our best to help troubleshoot.

Required every one year

Your program coordinator and back-up coordinator must take the VFC/VAP program overview training every year. Completion is required to receive vaccines from the Oregon Immunization Program and for VFC/VAP recertification.

Oregon VFC/VAP Overview and Self-Assessment

Course time: 35 minutes

Overview: Participation in the VFC or VAP program requires commitment and hard work. This training module covers program requirements and lets you assess your clinic's overall compliance. (Training Portal)

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Required every two  years

At least two immunization staff must take training that covers preparing vaccine, administering vaccine, and storing vaccine. The Oregon Course contains all three modules. Or staff can take the two linked CDC courses below that cover all three areas.

Certificates of completion of the trainings will be requested at your next VFC/VAP site visit. The CDC trainings are eligible for continuing education credits (CEs). 

Oregon Vaccine Management Course

Course time: 60 minutes

Overview: Participation in the VFC or VAP program requires commitment and hard work. This training module covers preparing, administering and storing vaccines. (Training Portal)

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CDC Trainings

To receive your certificate, follow the directions on the final slide of the course(s).

1) Vaccine Administration

Course: WB4424: Immunization: You Call the Shots - Module Eighteen - Vaccine Administration
Course time: 45-60 minutes
Overview: This training covers both preparing and administering vaccine. It highlights common mistakes and is designed to train providers to avoid administration errors by applying the “Rights of Medication Administration” to each encounter when vaccines are administered. (CDC website)
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2) Vaccine Storage and Handling

Course: WB4626: Immunization: You Call the Shots - Module Ten - Storage and Handling
Course time: 45-60 minutes
Overview: Proper vaccine storage is essential to an effective immunization practice. This training module will show you some of the best practices related to vaccine storage and documentation. (CDC website)
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Additional Training Resources

Additional trainings on vaccine prep, administration and storage.