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Oregon State-supplied Vaccine Programs (VFC/VAP)

Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program Overview

Learn program requirements and details about who is eligible and what is required to be a provider, and about the vaccine accountability law

Enrolling in VFC

Learn how to become a VFC Provider, get step-by-step instructions and the enrollment checklist

VFC Documents and Resources

Resources for providers enrolled in the program or seeking enrollment, documentation for vaccine management processes, and the map of Oregon VFC clinics

Vaccine Management Training

The Oregon Vaccines for Children (VFC) program requires that key immunization staff from every VFC clinic are trained. Includes required and optional immunization trainings

Immunization Billing Resources

Billing codes for public and private clinics, DMAP/Medicaid resources and more...

Vaccine Access Program (VAP)

The Vaccine Access Program (VAP) is a program designed to provide access to immunizations in unique communities across Oregon. Unlike standard private pediatric and family practice clinics, VAP clinics serve as an adjunct to the public health system across Oregon. The purpose of this program is to offer no-cost and low-cost vaccine to clinics who serve marginalized and high-risk communities, including the uninsured and adults on Medicaid. Learn more about enrolling as a VAP provider.