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National Immunization Awareness Month

August is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM)

Immunizations represent one of the greatest public health accomplishments of the 20th century. The Oregon Immunization Program hosts activities in observance of National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) each year in August.

The Oregon Immunization Program held a series of webinars during 2017 NIAM. Webinar recordings and presentation can be found below.

Exploring Oregon’s Flu Data

Webinar Recording, 8/29/2017 (1 hour)

Materials: Review of 2016-17 Influenza Immunization Surveillance

For this week, the Oregon Immunization Program highlighted: Influenza – We have the power to fight flu! This webinar focuses on seasonal influenza vaccination uptake across Oregon. The presentation provides an overview of influenza immunizations given in the 2016-17 flu season captured in the ALERT Immunization Information System (IIS). Highlights include age, gender, provider type, and county level information on influenza immunization.

Public Health Crisis Webinar - Influenza Pandemic Scenario

Webinar Recording, 8/31/2017 (1 hour)

Materials: Crisis Care, Pandemic Influenza

For this week, the Oregon Immunization Program highlighted: Influenza – We have the power to fight flu! In a public health crisis, healthcare resources may be overwhelmed. Hospitals and other buildings may be damaged. Healthcare workers may be killed, ill or injured. They may be caring for loved ones, or simply unable to reach their work location. At the same time, many in the community would be ill or injured and would need care. A public health crisis like this would be a great challenge to the healthcare community and the people of Oregon. To be ready, we need to plan for it now.

Oregon Parent-Led Vaccination Education Efforts

Materials: Ashland Child

This webinar featured two organizations solely dedicated to educating Oregonians about the safety and benefits of childhood vaccination. Two organizations, Boost Oregon and Ashland Child, share organization history, current and future projects, lessons learned and tips working with vaccine hesitant communities.

Adolescent Immunization Coverage in Oregon

Webinar Recording, 9/14/2017 (1 hour)

For this week, the Oregon Immunization Program highlighted: Preteens and Teens – Ensure a health feature with vaccines. This webinar focuses on adolescent immunization rates in Oregon. Learn more about the four vaccines that protect preteens and teens against serious diseases.

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