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Oregon Immunization Law

Recent Legislation

House Bill 3276 (passed in 2017)

  • Requires insurers to cover treatment and preventive measures when Oregon Health Authority’s public health director declares a disease outbreak, epidemic or other condition of public health importance in a geographic area of Oregon or statewide.
  • Required OHA to convene a task force to make recommendations for improvements in student health insurance coverage and preventing the spread of disease during an outbreak, epidemic or other condition of public health importance.
  • Read the full report: PDFHouse Bill 3276 Task Force Report

House Bill 274 (passed in 2017)

  • Requires post-secondary institutions that provide housing to provide information on vaccine-preventable diseases to enrolling students.

Immunization Laws and Rules

Oregon laws are defined in the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS). Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) determine how those laws are implemented.


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