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Host a member of the OHA AmeriCorps VISTA team

Applying to be an OHA AmeriCorps VISTA Host Site

Do you want to increase your ability to end poverty in your community? Could you use help tracking donors, recruiting volunteers, or developing other systems that build your capacity to meet the needs of the low-income community? Or perhaps you have a dream project that addresses a community need but not the resources to get it off the ground.

Public, private, or faith-based nonprofit organizations, as well as, local, state, tribal or federal agencies can become an AmeriCorps VISTA host site. Applications for the Oregon Health Authority AmeriCorps VISTA Partnership Project are handled by the Public Health Division in partnership with the AmeriCorps Regional Offices.

Host sites identify significant program level work that will help build local capacity to alleviate poverty and improve the public health. Sites host AmeriCorps VISTA national service members each for one year, often for three successive years. OHA AmeriCorps members join one of two cohorts, beginning their year of service in April or August. Host sites provide a financial match, direct the project, supervise and mentor the member, and provide necessary administrative support to complete the goals and objectives of the project.

AmeriCorps VISTA members spend one year in full-time service to address the needs of low-income communities and improve public health. All projects focus on building permanent public health infrastructure in communities to help them more effectively bring individuals and communities out of poverty. Projects must only focus on economically disadvantaged communitites.

Organizations interested in becoming a host site should review VISTA 101:Understanding VISTA for more in-depth information.

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​​Application guidance

Successful applicants will host energetic national service members who will build capacity to improve health and alleviate poverty. Please consider applying and help spread the word. Please contact Danielle Brown if you are interested in hosting an OHA AmeriCorps VISTA or need technical assistance with the application materials. Applications to host an April 2022 OHA AmeriCorps VISTA member will be accepted in Fall/Winter 2021.

Broad program goals:
The Oregon Health Authority AmeriCorps VISTA Partnership Project aims to alleviate, prevent and reduce poverty by engaging new public health professionals in a year of full-time service in public health and partner organizations in order to improve the public’s health.

Key project requirements:
The project must address:

  1. Public health
  2. Poverty - projects must work to break the cycle of poverty by addressing critical community needs for which there is limited funding
  3. Building long-term organizational and/or community capacity for the entire term of service

The AmeriCorps VISTA member must have:

  1. Administrative support (computer, email, work phone, etc.)
  2. Dedicated supervisor, project leads, mentors with time to invest in the VISTA and their project
  3. Clear assignment description

Applications that address the AmeriCorps Healthy Futures priority areas listed below will have priority consideration:

  1. Access to Health Care: Connecting economically disadvantaged individuals to preventative education and treatment/recovery services regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and opioid crisis, to include mental health services. Programming in this area must focus on interventions that directly benefit individuals as opposed to supporting research efforts or supplanting medical staff.
  2. Food Security: Alleviating hunger and increasing access to nutritious food, particularly the development of alternate food distribution and feeding sites to accomodate closures of traditional feeding sites, such as schools or after-school program sites.

Due date:  TBD for April 2022 cohort.

Cost (two options, subject to change): 

Standard: $3,250. These highly competitive positions are more heavily subsidized by the national AmeriCorps program. These positions are intended for organizations and communities with very limited resources. This amount is the Site Support Payment (SSP) which covers costs associated with the members' training, orientation, team meetings, professional development and program staff salary.

Cost share: $19,970 (Columbia, Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington and Yamhill Counties) or $17,250 (all other counties). The host site pays a larger amount to cover the members' subsistence allowance and the SSP. Choose this type to greatly increase your approval by OHA and the national AmeriCorps program. Larger organizations with significant funding are asked to provide this level of support. 

New host sites: Please discuss your AmeriCorps VISTA project idea with our team as soon as possible so we can best align our goals before drafting a detailed application.

Application materials

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Application resources

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Danielle Brown, MPA HA
OHA AmeriCorps VISTA Project Director 

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