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COVID-19 Guidance for CCOs and Oregon Health Plan providers

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Resources for all Oregon providers

Visit OHA's Public Health Division website for crisis care resources, testing guidance and data, clinical and infection control guidance for health care providers, labs, pharmacies and other health care partners.

Visit OHA's main COVID-19 page for updates about the current situation in Oregon and community resources.

Resources for Oregon Health Plan providers and CCOs

Operational and billing information for Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) providers and coordinated care organizations. 

Please refer to the Oregon Medicaid COVID-19 Provider Guide for:

  • Current guidance regarding covered services, telemedicine, eligibiliity, prior authorization and billing instructions during the COVID-19 emergency
  • Links to previously-issued memos, related resources, pertinent Oregon Administrative Rules and federal guidance  


Applies To
8/3/2020Short-term Medicaid stability loans for providers with reduced business caused by COVID-19 All Providers
7/9/2020Expired Oregon DMV credentials for NEMT driversCCOs, non-emergent transportation (NEMT) brokerages and NEMT providers
6/17/2020Conducting PASRR Level II evaluations during the COVID-19 emergencyBehavioral health providers
6/8/2020Oregon Health Plan coverage of COVID-19 antibody testingAll Providers, CCOs
4/3/2020Fee-for-service hospice rates effective April 1, 2020 through June 30, 2020.pdfHospice providers
3/27/2020Changes to DCO deliverable due dates due to COVID-19 response.pdfDCOs
3/13/2020Emergency Response to a Governor Declared State of EmergencyRespiratory therapist stakeholders
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Questions and answers

For Providers and CCOs

View Medicaid flexibilities during COVID-19 >>

Fee-for-Service Provider Stability Payment Application
Fee-for-Service Provider Stability Payment Instructions
Novel Coronavirus Coding.pdf
Oregon Medicaid COVID-19 Provider Guide
Provider Relief Fund Medicaid Distribution Tip Sheet
Telemedicine-Telehealth Guidance for School-Based Health Services Providers.pdf
Timely Filing Guidance for Coordinated Care Organizations.pdf
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For Members

View COVID-19 information for OHP members >>

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 Providers: Apply for federal Provider Relief Fund payments by August 28, 2020

Learn more on the Provider Relief Fund website. Look for "Apply for funding from General Distribution (Phase 2): Medicaid, CHIP and Dental Providers."

Need to find out if you are on Oregon's list of Medicaid organizations and providers? Search the list now (use Ctrl-F to search by name).

COVID-19 pages

CDC website

Community resources

Provider financial supports

Governor's Executive Orders

Weekly updates for CCOs

OHP guidance

Oregon Medicaid COVID-19 Provider Guide

Telehealth/telemedicine for School-Based Health Services

Other provider pages

DHS I/DD providers

DHS nursing facilities

Personal support workers

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