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Healthcare Coverage (Medical, Dental and Vision)


Healthcare coverage is the core of your OEBB benefits package. OEBB offers a variety of medical, dental and vision plan options to meet the varying needs of all OEBB members. To learn more about the plan options OEBB currently offers, the benefits provided, and the full premium without employer contributions factored in, please visit the Plan Documents page.

Note: Not all plans are available in all areas, some have restricted provider networks, and some employers limit the options available to their employees. Please consult with your employer for your specific options and costs.

WARNING: 12-Month Waiting Period if You Decline Dental Coverage

A 12-month Waiting Period

A 12-month waiting period applies when individuals decline dental coverage, then enroll during an Open Enrollment period. If you don’t enroll yourself or a dependent in dental coverage when initially eligible, then choose to enroll during an Open Enrollment period, you or your dependent will be considered a “late enrollee” and will be subject to a 12-month waiting period on all dental plans, meaning only diagnostic and preventive care will be covered for the first full 12 months of coverage.

Why a Waiting Period?

Dental services tend to be less urgent than medical services, which leads to “adverse selection”, meaning people who know they need costly services are most likely to enroll. The uninsured have greater leeway to postpone needed services until they attain insurance to cover them. If left unregulated, this can cost the plan more in claims than the premiums it brings in. The waiting period helps control costs, maintaining a balance between premiums coming in and claims paid out.

To make your enrollment selections, update your personal information, or review your current enrollments, log into the MyOEBB enrollment system.

Coordinated Care: The Oregon Difference

Through the Coordinated Care Model (CCM), Oregonians are experiencing improved, more integrated care. With a focus on primary care and prevention, health plans using the coordinated care model are able to better manage chronic conditions and keep people healthy and out of the emergency department.

Key elements of the coordinated care model include:

OEBB aims to incorporate these elements into all OEBB medical plans.

Learn more about the Coordinated Care Model and Oregon's efforts in this area on the Oregon Health Policy Board website.