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Tips for Motel Owners

Protect your Business from Drug Labs

A growing number of illegal drug labs are found on motel properties.

Actions You Can Take to Protect Your Business

At check in, be aware of customers who:

  • Pay with cash.
  • Are local residents.
  • Do not have photo identification.
  • Appear to be using drugs.
  • Display paranoid or odd behavior.
  • Appear to be carrying excessive baggage (numerous chemicals and cooking supplies are used in the cooking process).

Develop policies and train your employees to:

  • Require guest to use the main entrance.
  • Cancel missing keys immediately.
  • Perform daily room checks.
  • Patrol the halls and building perimeter.
  • Communicate with nearby motels about suspicious individuals and activities.
  • Know the signs of drug use.
  • Be aware of chemical odors.

The Cost of Cleanup

As the motel owner, you are responsible for the cost of cleaning up an illegal drug lab. By law, the property must go through the Clandestine Drug Lab Cleanup Program. Depending on the extent of the damage and the amount of waste, cleanup could cost thousands of dollars.* Additional costs may include:

  • Loss of revenue.
  • Property damage.
  • Negative publicity.
  • Employee turnover.
  • Litigation costs.

*It is important to note the cleanup does not include the repair or replacement of damaged items (carpets, furnishings, etc.).


DO NOT ENTER the property. Labs present a risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals and possible explosion. Contact local law enforcement.In an emergency, call 911.

For more information about testing or cleanup of suspected labs, contact the Clandestine Drug Lab Cleanup Program.