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Drug Lab Cleanup Procedures

If you come upon a lab or discover any chemicals that were improperly disposed of, do not touch anything! Call your local police department.

The first step in the cleanup process is to contact a state licensed decontamination contractor. These contractors have hazardous materials training and know how to properly evaluate and decontaminate meth lab properties.

The contractor will develop and submit these required documents:

Other options

  1. Sale With Full Written Disclosure
    Owners have the option to sell a contaminated property "as is" with full written disclosure under ORS 453.870. The required wording to be attached to the sale or transfer document can be found in the program rules at OAR 333-040-0100.

  2. Demolition
    Owners may decide to demolish drug lab properties rather than decontaminate them for future use. However, they still must retain a state licensed cleanup contractor to submit a work plan for the proposed demolition. Once approved by the Department, the work may proceed under the supervision of the licensed contractor.

  3. Owner-Assisted Cleanup
    After a licensed cleanup contractor is hired and a work plan is approved by the Department, Oregon Administrative Rule 333-040-0065(2) allows the possibility of an owner-assisted cleanup if all of the following criteria are met:
    1. Meth was the only drug manufactured at the site; and
    2. The method of manufacturing was the ephedrine-red phosphorus or ephedrine-sodium/lithium metal method; and
    3. The manufacturing occurred after 1994; and
    4. No visual or apparent evidence of manufacturing-related contamination, filth and debris, or biohazards are present; and
    5. No manufacturing-related fire occurred. 
    The purpose of this option is to help lower the overall cost of the cleanup by having the owner or agent of the owner complete some of the physical labor involved in the cleanup. Keep in mind that the owner still needs to hire a licensed cleanup contractor who will submit a work plan for approval and supervise the cleanup process. Civil penalties may be imposed if these procedures are not followed.