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Restitution, Fines, and Fees

What is restitution?

Criminal behavior can result in economic damages or loss to the victim of that crime. The amount of loss is called restitution and the person responsible is ordered by the court to pay this amount.

The court can also order certain fines or fees when criminal charges are adjudicated. Examples include:
  • attorney’s fees
  • minimum fines based on the type of crime
  • compensatory fines (a penalty paid to the victim based on an injury resulting from the crime)

How do I pay my restitution, fines, or fees?

You can make payments to the Oregon Judicial Department online, through the mail, or by calling the court. Find your local county court.

How much do I owe?

Your juvenile parole and probation officer will know how much you owe in restitution, fines, and/or fees. Contact your JPPO.  The local court can also tell you how much you owe.  You will need your court case number when contacting the court for information.

More information

Learn more about OYA’s policy that provides guidelines to ensure and monitor youths’ court-ordered payments.

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