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Parole and Probation

The primary focus of OYA’s parole and probation services is to manage individual case plans and supervise youth placed in OYA’s care. These services are designed to positively support youth improvements, provide youth with opportunities for reformation, and reduce the risk of future criminal activity.

Families are encouraged to participate in this process by attending multidisciplinary team meetings, family conferences, and home visit check-ins.

What is probation?

When a youth is on probation it means they have never been inside a correctional facility and are currently working with a court-ordered probation agreement. These are steps that, if followed, would keep a youth out of a facility.

What is parole?

When a youth is on parole, that means they have exited a correctional facility and entered the community. A parolee’s community activity is not court-mandated. In other words, the merit of their time on parole is evaluated by the JPPO. If a JPPO determines that a paroled youth is doing well, they can arrange a court hearing to end that youth’s OYA custody.

Family Guides

If you are a family member of a youth on OYA probation, here are some orientation guides with important information for you to know.

Family Guide - English (PDF)

Guía para familias - español (PDF)

Developmental Approach

Like all of OYA, the parole and probation team follows a research-based developmental approach in working with youth and their families.

Read more in our fact sheet

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