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Traffic Signal Inspector Certification

This course is part of the Oregon Department of Transportation's strategy to improve statewide consistency in carrying out Oregon's highway construction program.

What does this course cover?

The goal of the Traffic Signal Inspector Certification course is to provide inspectors with practical knowledge for conducting traffic signal inspections for projects on the state highway system. Inspectors will gain an understanding of their responsibility to verify compliance with project requirements as well as mandates set forth by ODOT or the federal government, or both.

All traffic signal and electrical construction on state highways requires construction inspection by personnel certified by ODOT as Certified Traffic Signal Inspectors (CTSI). The CTSI are in addition to and do not eliminate the need for certified electric inspection in compliance with electrical permits issued by local agencies.

How long is this certification valid?

The 2022 CTSI Certification will be valid for three years once the electronic exam is passed.

Interested in this course?

Registration for the self-guided online training is available through Workday Learning Certified Traffic Signal Inspector (CTSI).

Certification Outline

If you have already completed the online training between February 2021 and January 2022, you are not required to take the 2022 online CTSI training, but are encouraged to if you wish to refresh your memory, prior to the exam.   

After you complete the online training, you will need to enroll in the online CTSI exam. The exam can be taken at any time, but must be completed within 3 hours of starting. It is an open book and an Individual effort. Additional information about the exam is contained in the online training and just before you start the exam. 

This online exam is a pilot project. It is not proctored, but measures are in place to monitor exam metrics and computer usage during the exam. Any misconduct while taking the online exam will result in a permanent ban from holding a CTSI certification and discipline up to and including dismissal.

If you wish to challenge this exam, you may email to request enrollment. If you fail the challenge exam, you will need to go through the online CTSI Training course. 

What is needed for this course?

Required Tools

Pen and paper for taking notes

2022 Inspector's Manual for Signal Construction, full manual (35 MB)

11x17 Class Materials

2022 Standard Drawings and Example Plan Sheets (9 Mb)

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Course Materials

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2022 Traffic Signal Inspector Manual and Class Materials

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