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All Roads Transportation Safety

The All Roads Transportation Safety Program is designed to address safety needs on all public roads in Oregon. Only by collaborating with local road jurisdictions can the Oregon Department of Transportation expect to:

  • Increase awareness of safety on all roads.
  • Promote best practices for infrastructure safety.
  • Compliment behavioral safety efforts.
  • Focus limited resources to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes in the state of Oregon.

The program will be data driven to achieve the greatest benefits in crash reduction and should be blind to jurisdiction.

Key Facts about the ARTS Program

Frequently Asked Questions about the ARTS Program

2018 ARTS Program Summary Report

Contact the ARTS Representatives

Region 1

Phone: 503-731-3427

Region 2

Phone: 503-986-2656
Phone: 503-986-5808

Region 3

Phone: 541-957-3517
Phone: 541-774-6354

Region 4

Phone: 541-388-6120
Phone: 541-388-6170

Region 5

Phone: 541-963-1902
Phone: 541-963-1594

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