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Welcome to the COOP Tool Kit
OEM COOP Manual and Plan
Here you will find two useful documents you can use when developing and writing your Agency’s plan. The OEM COOP Manual will take you through the whole process, explaining what each component of a COOP plan is and how you can navigate your Agency through the planning steps. The second one is the COOP Plan Template, which is a “fill in the blank’ shell you can use to actually draft your plan – utilizing the Forms and Worksheets you will complete as you work through the Manual.
Additionally, in the Related Links portion of this page, you will find the slide presentations of COOP Tools and Techniques.  These presentations provide additional information regarding each element of a COOP plan, as well as some helpful hints on getting started.
While OEM stands ready to assist however we can, it is the intent of this tool kit to enable you and your Agency to successfully complete a viviable plan within your agency.
OEM COOP Manual 
COOP Plan Template 
The State of Oregon’s COOP Manual, template and toolkit is an adaptation of the State of Idaho’s Bureau of Homeland Security’s (BHS) COOP materials.  Those materials are based on the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency’s (PEMA) COOP planning, which itself was guided by earlier work done by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM).  This work was further enhanced through the utilization of COOP best practices as well as information and guidance issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/FEMA.
The ability to take advantage of COOP planning practices from other States has augmented the collection of tools and materials available for Oregon’s continuity planning.  More importantly, this effort also represents great progress towards the interstate cooperation and interoperability that is anticipated in the National Continuity Policy established through National Security Presidential Directive (NSPD-51) of May 9, 2007. As such, Oregon Emergency Management would like to give special recognition and thanks to the State of Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, and Virginia Department of Emergency Management.

Forms and Worksheets
Annex A Forms
Form A: COOP Response Team
Form B: Prioritized Listing of Essential Functions  
Form C: Personnel Contact List  
Form D: Delegation of Authority  
Form E: Order of Succession  
Form F1: Requirements for Alternate Work Site  
Form F2: Agency Alternate Facilities  
Form G: Vital Records  
Form H: Vital Systems, Equipment, and Priority  
Form I: Alternate Modes of Communication  
Form J: Organizational Go Kit Contents and Maintenance  
Form K: Training, Testing, and Maintenance  
Form L: COOP Maintenance  
Form M: COOP Crosswalk  
All forms are .docx files

Annex B Worksheets
Worksheet A1: COOP Leader Selection 
Worksheet A2: COOP Team Members  
Worksheet A3: Initial COOP Project Team Meeting  
Worksheet A4: COOP Team Mission Statement  
Worksheet A5: COOP Team Objectives and Deliverables  
Worksheet A6: Project Milestones  
Worksheet A7: Project Reporting Requirements and Frequency  
Worksheet A8: Cost Planning Template  
Worksheet A9: Required Documents and Information  
Worksheet B1: Areas of Responsibility  
Worksheet B2: Function Performed by Area of Responsibility  
Worksheet B3: Criteria for Selecting Essential Functions  
Worksheet B4: Functions Broken Down by Tiers  
Worksheet B5: Essential Function Questionnaire  
Worksheet B6: Critical Processes or Services, Personnel, Records, Equipment, and Resources, and Systems Supporting Essential Functions  
Worksheet B7: Management, Technical, and Supporting Personnel  
Worksheet D1: Matrix for Listing Delegations of Authority  
Worksheet D2 Delegation of Authority – Rules, Procedures, and Limitations  
Worksheet E1: Essential Functions and Key Positions  
Worksheet F1a: Requirements for Alternate Work Sites  
Worksheet G1: Vital Records Protection Methods  
Worksheet G2: Restoration of Recovery Resources  
All worksheets are .docx files

Related Links
Tools and Techniques
Links to PDF slides available soon.