Process and resources

Determine the appropriate code for PPDB and OSPA

When processing your newly-hired employee, follow these steps to determine the appropriate codes to use in the state's personnel (PPDB) and payroll (OSPA) systems.

1. Obtain status check information from PERS
2. Determine if the position is qualifying or non-qualifying
3. Based on which PERS plan membership the employee will be in, or is already in, determine the appropriate PPDB code to use starting with the "Definition" column.

Once you have determined the appropriate definition, move to the right of the worksheet to the appropriate PERS membership.  The employee will be either a PERS Member - Tier 1 or Tier 2 member OR an OPSRP member.  The appropriate PPDB and OSPA codes are provided for each membership.

Things to know

  • PERS Tier 1 - Hired on or before 12/31/1995
  • PERS Tier 2 - Hired on or after 1/1/1996 through 8/28/2003
  • OPSRP (Oregon Public Services Retirement Plan) - Hired on or after 8/29/2003
  • OSGP (Oregon Savings Growth Plan) - Optional deferred comp plan
  • Everyone started an IAP (Individual Account Program) account on 1/1/2004
  • PERS CDE: Wage/JOB CLASS field in PPDB was implemented on 9/1/04 but can accept data prior to this date.
  • PPDB - Position Personnel Data Base
OSPA - Oregon Statewide Payroll Application

Qualifying position

General service1SGG
Police & fire2TFF
​Judge member (elected)PP----
Legislature **6SLG
Legislature:opt out/no contributions**O*NO*N
Legislature:contributions go to OSGP**3LCL
Legislative retirees with contribtuions**4SHG
​Board membersBNBN
​Elected official8SEG
​School employee9SSG
*Alpha only

Non-qualifying position

Not expected to meet the PERS required six (6) month waiting period and 600-hour qualification for PERS membership in a calendar year*DNDN
Non-state employeeNNNN
Student Workers & Student Workers working as Law Clerks - State Department of Justice. (This will not include Judicial Department Law clerks who are not working in Student Worker capacity.)**XNXN

* These employees need to be tracked by the agency. If the employee does end up meeting the PERS waiting time requirements, as well as the 600 hours per calendar year, PPDB will need to be corrected to show the appropriate qualifying code. Payroll must be notified to make the appropriate contribution adjustments. The DAS Centralized PERS Services Team must be notified so that the record can be corrected in the PERS system.


** ORS 238.015 Membership generally (4) No inmate of a state institution or an alien on a training or educational visa working for any participating employer, even though the inmate or alien received compensation from a participating employer, shall be eligible to become a member of the system. No person employed by a participating employer and defined by such employer as a student employee is eligible to become a member of the system for such student employment. (Also see OAR 459-010-0025 Student Employee for more detailed information.)


​PERS retiree (only)RNRN
PERS Tier 1 or 2 Retiree (ONLY)* who meet an exception to working hour limitations by statute or is Social Security age-eligible.  OPSRP members are not eligible for exceptions.MNRN

 * See PERS web site at, the Social Security Administration web site at, or the Oregon Revised Statues web site at, to determine if a retiree is eligible.

Retiree re-employed into active service (REMP or UNRETIRED)

General service5STG
Police & fire7TUF
School employeeYSZG