Determine the appropriate code for Workday and OSPA
When processing your newly-hired employee, follow these steps to determine the appropriate codes to use in the state's personnel (Workday) and payroll (OSPA) systems.

1. Obtain status check information from PERS
2. Determine if the position is qualifying or non-qualifying
3. Based on the employees PERS plan , determine the appropriate Workdaycode to use starting with the "Definition" column

Once you obtain the information from the status check, use the PERS Class Plan Worksheetto determine the appropriate codes for Workday and OSPA. 

More detailed information on the status check process and other resources about PERS coding may be found here

Things to know

  • PERS Tier 1 - Hired on or before 12/31/1995
  • PERS Tier 2 - Hired on or after 1/1/1996 through 8/28/2003
  • OPSRP (Oregon Public Services Retirement Plan) - Hired on or after 8/29/2003
  • OSGP (Oregon Savings Growth Plan) - Optional deferred comp plan
  • Everyone started an IAP (Individual Account Program) account on 1/1/2004
  • PERS CDE: Wage/JOB CLASS field in Workday was implemented on 9/1/04 but can accept data prior to this date.
  • Workday - Human Resources system of record 
  • OSPA - Oregon Statewide Payroll Application