The Oregon Secretary of State website

The Oregon Secretary of State publishes several types of information about administrative rules on its website:
  • The official, legal, current version of DEQ’s administrative rules.
  • The Oregon Bulletin; a monthly publication that contains a compilation of rulemaking documents filed the previous month. This includes notices of rulemaking, permanent and temporary rulemaking adoptions, and minor corrections to rules.
  • Current rule filings, as they are filed; this includes notices of rulemaking and permanent and temporary rule adoptions, and minor corrections. 

DEQ rulemaking documents search

DEQ also posts electronic copies of its rulemaking records online. Older records are not complete. But there are some records going back to 1951. You can search Oregon Records Management Solution website for all documents created during rulemaking.

Rule history

List of repealed/renumbered rules


For more information about the Rulemaking Program at DEQ, contact Emil Hnidey, Rule Coordinator.


Please read detailed instructions on how to search for records on both the Oregon Secretary of State and ORMS websites:

How to Search for Rules and Rulemaking Documents