Air Quality

An Air Pollution Advisory is a call-to-action that DEQ issues to encourage individuals and businesses to reduce pollution-producing activities during summer hot spells and winter air stagnation times.

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During summer, DEQ issues Air Pollution Advisories for Smog (ozone) in the Portland, Salem and Medford areas when hot temperatures and low winds cause smog levels to rise.

During winter, DEQ issues Air Pollution Advisories for Particle Pollution (PM2.5) for any area of the state when cold temperatures and stagnant air cause particle pollution levels to rise.

Local air quality advisories

Certain jurisdictions in Oregon issues their own air advisories. Click on these links if you live in these areas to find out about air quality forecast.
  • Oregon Smoke Information
    This site is an effort by many city, county, tribal, state and federal agencies to coordinate and aggregate information for Oregon communities affected by wildfire smoke.