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Community Climate Investments

The Climate Protection Program is designed to reduce emissions and support equity across Oregon. An important focus of the community climate investments program is the prioritization of environmental justice communities. Environmental justice communities are communities of color, communities experiencing lower incomes, tribal communities, rural communities, coastal communities, communities with limited infrastructure and other communities traditionally underrepresented in public processes and adversely harmed by environmental and health hazards, including seniors, youth, and persons with disabilities. Projects funded by these investments are prioritized to benefit these communities and to be located in and near these communities. 

The program is designed to promote economic and health benefits and reduce burdens in these communities. Prioritizing investments this way helps ensure all parts of Oregon enjoy the benefits of transitioning away from fossil fuels toward cleaner energy sources. 

To learn about more about community climate investments, please see the Climate Protection Program Brief or program rules at OAR Chapter 340, Division 271

Equity Advisory Committee

Important dates

Update: DEQ is extending the initial period for submitting statements of interest to July 8, 2022.

For those interested in joining the committee, please submit your Statement of Interest by July 8, 2022.


As a key part of the Climate Protection Program, DEQ distributes “compliance instruments" to regulated companies that supply fossil fuels for use in Oregon. One compliance instrument allows a company to supply fuels that emit one ton of greenhouse gases. The number of compliance instruments distributed by DEQ declines each year, which results in reduced emissions over time.

Companies can also choose to acquire and use a limited number of credits, known as community climate investments, to comply with the program. Companies can choose to earn these credits by contributing funds to DEQ-approved entities. Those approved entities then use these funds to invest in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in communities across Oregon. 



For more information about community climate investments, contact the Climate Protection Program.