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Equity Advisory Committee

The Equity Advisory Committee was a key partner for the Climate Protection Program's Community Climate Investments program. The committee would have played an important role in determining what types of emission reduction projects would have been  supported by community climate investments and where the projects were located.

The committee provided recommendations to DEQ on the approval of applications from non-profit organizations to become community climate investment entities. Once those organizations had completed a written agreement with DEQ, the committee would reviewed their proposed plans for the distribution of any funds for projects in Oregon's communities. The committee would have  also reviewed and provided recommendations on other submittals, such as annual reports.

DEQ prioritized building a committee with representatives from multiple regions with lived experience, expertise, or interest in the following areas:

  • Environmental or economic justice
  • Climate change impacts and experience
  • Air pollution and/or health and community impacts
  • Clean, renewable energy, or energy efficiency
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution from fossil fuels
  • Community engagement, advocacy, or outreach
Committee members were committed to:
  • Addressing climate change and its impacts
  • Improving access to cleaner, renewable fuels in Oregon
  • Reducing pollution and improving health for all communities
  • Uplifting traditionally underrepresented communities
Committee members included representatives from community-based organizations or associations, Tribes or tribal associations, environmental justice advocates, committed individuals, environmental advocates and academic researchers.


Whitney Dorer, Climate Policy Community Engagement Coordinator 

For more information email Climate Protection Program