​Like other Oregon state agencies, ODOE operates under a one-biennium (two year) budget process. 
2021-23 ODOE Budget

Save the Date! Public Budget Meeting July 16

As ODOE develops its 2021-23 Agency Request Budget, join us for a public budget meeting on July 16, 2020 from 3-5 p.m. 

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting will be held remotely via WebEx​. We strongly recommend joining the meeting online, if possible, as we can un-mute attendees to make participation easier. But you may also call in if you are unable to join online: 1-408-418-9388.

We will upload any meeting materials here ahead of the meeting.

2019-21 ODOE Budget

ODOE's 2019-21 budget was passed by the Oregon Legislature on June 29, 2019, and signed by Governor Brown on August 9, 2019.

May 2020: ODOE 8.5% General Fund Reduction Options (Responding to COVID-19)

ODOE's budget supports five divisions within the agency:

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ODOE's operations are predominately funded through the collection of fees for service, grants, and assessments.​

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ODOE's Budget Process​

We begin developing our next biennium budget about a year in advance. The budget development process has three major phases:​
  • Agency Request Budget - ODOE starts with the previous biennium's budget, then adds, removes, or adjusts the budget based on program needs and policy responsibilities.
  • Governor's Recommended Budget - The Governor's Office and the Chief Financial Office build on and may revise the Agency Request Budget. The results are presented to the Legislature for consideration.
  • Legislatively Adopted Budget - Legislative committees review proposed budgets and hold public hearings before the full Legislature votes on each agency's budget.

2021-23 BUDGET Development

2020 Budget Presentation
Chief Financial Office

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