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​​​​​​​Like other Oregon state agencies, ODOE operates under a one-biennium (two-​year) budget process. 

2023-25 ODOE Budget​

The Oregon Department of Energy submitted its Agency Request Budget for the 2023-25 biennium on August 1, 2022.

ODOE held a public budget meeting on July 25, 2022 to share information about our requested budget, including programs, staffing, and fun​ding types that support our work. The meeting was held in accordance with the public meeting requirement in ORS 469.421(8). View a recording of the meeting and access the meeting​ slides.

Governor Kotek issued her Governor's Budget for the agency in February 2023.

ODOE presented our 2023-25 Budget (HB 5016) to the Joint Subcommittee on Natural Resources in February 2023, with a public hearing on the budget on March 6

Governor Kotek signed the Oregon Department of Energy’s budget bill (HB 5016) on July 27, 2023. Also affected by the End of Session bill (HB 5506) and two omnibus climate and energy bills (HB 3630​ and HB 3409), ODOE’s budget for the 2023-2025 biennium is $204 million. 

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The Biennial Budget Process​

Developing ARB.png

We begin developing our next biennium budget about a year in advance. The budget development process has three major phases:​
  • Agency Request Budget - ODOE starts with the previous biennium's budget, then adds, removes, or adjusts the budget based on program needs and policy responsibilities.
  • Governor's Recommended Budget - The Governor's Office and the Chief Financial Office build on and may revise the Agency Request Budget. The results are presented to the Legislature for consideration.
  • Legislatively Adopted Budget - Legislative committees review proposed budgets and hold public hearings before the full Legislature votes on each agency's budget.

​2023-25 BUDGET
​2023-2​5 Agency Request Budget​
HB 5016​ (ODOE​ Budget Bill)​

July 25, 2022 ODOE Public Budget Meeting:

​2021-23 BUDGET
SB 5515 (ODOE budget bill)
HB 5006​ (budget reconciliation bill)
​ HB 2021​ (climate change bill)

​Federal Funding​
Chief Financial Office

ODOE Bu​​dget History & Overview​
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