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​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Oregon Department of Energy's Biennial Energy Report is developed every even-numbered year to inform local, state, regional, and federal energy policy development, energy planning, and energy investments.  
2024 Biennial Energy Report

The Oregon Department of Energy is developing our 2024 Biennial Energy Report, which is due to the Oregon Legislature on November 1, 2024. Our 2018, 2020, and 2022 reports provided foundational energy data, examined the existing policy landscape, and identified options for continued progress toward meeting the state's energy goals.

For 2024, the report will be centered around ODOE's forthcoming Energy Security Plan and Energy Strategy, focusing on topics that provide context and foundational information to these projects. 

Have a suggestion or question about our Biennial Energy Report? Contact us​ through our online comment portal. ​

2022 Biennial Energy Report

BER Cover.png

Visit our report website to dive into the content:

You'll find the complete report, report sections, our new interactive history timeline, and more.

You can also heck out our virtual i​ntroduction​ to ODOE's 2022 Biennial Energy Report. 

Do you have feedback for us on the report? Would you like to request a presentation for your organization or community group? Let us know!

Or, download the report here: