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Please feel free to download and print these activities for personal or classroom use. 

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​Activity ​Details
Coloring Book Cover English.png

​Michelle's Renewable Energy Adventure​

ODOE's coloring and activity book is great for all ages. Some of the activities are good for older kids, or younger kids with help from parents.

Written and illustrated by Jessica ​Brown.
Coloring Book Cover Spanish.png

La Aventura de Energia Renovable

Este libro para colorear y actividades es para todas las edades. Algunas de las actividades son buenas para los niños mayores o para los más pequeños con la ayuda de los adultos.

Escrito e ilustrado por Jessica Brown
Solar Oven.png

Make a Solar Oven

This fun activity is for all ages, with adult supervision. Make a solar oven out of a pizza box to bake cookies, roast marshmallows, and more.
Potato Battery Activity.png

​Make a Potato Battery

This fun activity is for all ages, with adult supervision. With a few household items, you can make a potato-powered clock. (You can also buy a kit online.)
Energy Audit Activity.png

​Home Energy Audit

Another great activity for kids of all ages, and the results are helpful to adults! A few simple tests will show you how energy efficient your home is.
School Audit.png

School Energy Audit​

This activity is great for teachers to download and complete with their students. And the results can help schools identify energy-efficient improvements. 
Wind Turbine Activity.png

Make a Wind Turbine

Great for young kids with adult supervision. Make a wind turbine out of paper and a dowel (or pencil). 
Energy Crossword.png

Energy Crossword

Good for older kids and teens.

Word Search.png

Energy Word Search

Good for older kids and teens.

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