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The Oregon Department of Energy is guided by a set of Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) and Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR).
ORS may be updated by the Oregon Legislature .
OAR may be updated through ODOE's Rulemaking process​

​​Oregon Revised Statute
(links open Oregon Legislature website)​
ORS 469 Administration of the Oregon Department of Energy
ORS 469A Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS)
ORS 469B Energy Tax Credits & Grants
ORS 470 Small Scale Local Energy Projects
Oregon Laws 2010, Chapter 17 (HB 3674) - Renewable Energy for RPS
Oregon Laws 2016, Chapter 28 (HB 1547) - Amend RPS, Eliminate Coal
Oregon Laws 2016, Chapter 29, Section 12 (SB 1507) - Biomass Tax Credits
ORS 315 Personal & Corporate Income or Excise Tax Credits
ORS 316 Personal Income Tax
ORS 276 Public Facilities, Energy Efficient Design
ORS 453 Hazardous Substances, Radiation Sources
ORS 455 Building Code
ORS 466 Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Materials II
ORS 468A Climate Change, Oregon Global Warming Commission
ORS 475B Cannabis Regulation
ORS 757 Utility Regulations

​​Oregon Administrative Rules
(links open Oregon Legislature website)​
OAR 230 Compliance and Pass Through
OAR 330 Department of Energy Administrative Rules
-- OAR 330-061 State Home Oil Weatherization (SHOW) Program
-- OAR 330-063 Building Energy Performance Score Systems
-- OAR 330-070 Device Eligibility for Residential Energy Tax Credit (RETC)
-- OAR 330-092 Energy Efficiency Standards for State-Regulated Appliances
-- OAR 330-110 Small Scale Local Energy Loan Program (SELP)
-- OAR 330-110 Alternative Fuel Vehicle Revolving Fund Program
-- OAR 330-130 State Energy Efficient Design (SEED) Program
-- OAR 330-135 1.5% for Green Energy Technology in Public Buildings
-- OAR 330-140 Public Purpose Charges for Large Retail Electricity Consumers
-- OAR 330-160 Renewable Energy Certificate System for Renewable Portfolio Standard
-- OAR 330-170 Biomass Producer or Collector Tax Credit
-- OAR 330-200 Renewable Energy Development Grants
-- OAR 330-210 Conservation Energy Incentive Program
-- OAR 330-220 Alternative Fuel Vehicle Infrastructure Energy Incentive Program
-- OAR 330-240 Solar Plus Storage Rebate Program
-- OAR 330-250 Community Renewable Energy Project Grant Program
OAR 345 Energy Facility Siting Council General Provisions
-- OAR 345-022 General Standards for Siting Facilities
-- OAR 345-024 Specific Standards for Siting Facilities
ODOE Rulemaking
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