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The Oregon Department of Energy recognizes the importance energy plays for long-term sustainability in the state. A sustainable Oregon includes developing safe, clean, and sustainable energy resources - and using energy wisely.
Our work is diverse – from helping Oregonians save energy at home and at work, to overseeing cleanup at the Hanford Nuclear Site, to ensuring the state is prepared to respond to emergencies at energy facilities. We collaborate with a broad cross-section of Oregonians from businesses to trade associations, from homeowners to renters, and from government to schools. We will continue to leverage these partnerships toward the mutually beneficial goal of more sustainable communities.

Sustainability in Action

Sustainable Business Practices

In 2008, ODOE became the first State of Oregon agency to earn EarthWISE certification  from Marion County. EarthWISE recognizes business and organizations in the county that are committed to environmentally-friendly practices. ODOE also received the first EarthWISE “Sustainable Organization of the Year” award.

Since our move to a new building in late 2016, we have continued and improved actions to reduce waste, boost recycling, and save energy. In 2019, we were recertified by the EarthWISE program through 2022​.

Sustainable Programs
Our mission is to lead Oregon to a safe, clean, and sustainable energy future. Our programs focus on saving energy, improving energy efficiency, and investing in renewable energy. Learn more:

Sustainability Partnerships

ODOE partners with the Interagency Sustainability Coordinator Network and Marion County EarthWISE program. As part of the ISCN, ODOE along with 21 other state agencies report their goals and accomplishments to the Oregon Sustainability Board.

Sustainability in State Government
​​​2020 ODOE Sustainability Plan​
Practicing What it Preaches​
ODOE Sustainability Work Highlighted in Statesman Journal (2018)
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